Multifaceted and Playful

Longevity in design is a hard task to master; playing for keeps is often a main drive for many contemporary designers in this fast evolving world of ours. Staying relevant, yet remaining true to one’s intentions or design practice can often be over looked in a design firms ambition. When a company with a rich, thorough history not only produces classic iconic design but also endeavours to create fresh new pieces, that balance can sometimes be overlooked. This is not the case with Thonet’s cleanest and newest piece, the S 18 Side Table designed by Uli Budde.

Reminiscent of an infinite loop, the linear tubular steel frame forms a pendant corresponding to the table top and the central motif of the circle. Based on these two geometric forms, the table reveals ever-new perspectives. This dynamic gives it a spontaneous and young character as well as a classic one. The simple S 18, due to the graphic and at the same time poetic signature of the designer, represents a contemporary occupation with the Thonet brand.

Sensuous, austere but referencing Thonet’s iconic style, the S 18 Side table is perhaps one of the cleanest pieces seen for sometime, fitting perfectly within their catalogue of distinguished designs. As humans we should be designing to help, to assist and solve every problem to make living easier. Designing products that can be beautiful and functional means that that piece will endure, and when your materials are austere you can sense an indirect resolution of solutions to waste management and lifecycle concerns.

As consumers we seek out the familiar, yet we crave the new. Thonet’s S 18 answers both these needs. Uli Budde work pays close attentions to combine the familiar with new solutions and his design approach is well suited to Thonet’s vision.

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