Know the Difference - A Reflection by Ross Didier

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

I find this quote by Miles Davis so simple to grasp, so child like in structure, then it becomes so much more complex the longer you contemplate. It’s a quote that either slaps you in the face or sits back until it tackles you. It’s a statement that starts to seep through after the scars have healed, and then makes you realise to respect those scares as purely unique.

I have thought about this quote for so many years because it challenges being genuine to the core – it questions if you are true. It makes you realise that time itself is the most honest portfolio to own; filled with the successes as well as all the mistakes along the way.

As creatives we have begun living in saturated conditions; bombarded with so many generated stimulants that they risk replacing personal experience.

We are perpetually shown images, updated with continual news and pounded with marketing agendas. We are becoming intimately linked to algorithms that influence our natural patterns and realign our personal intuitions. Culture is embraced by styles, then comforted by ‘likes’ from strangers.

Appropriation is accepted as trend and we take Picasso in our stride that ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’

We live in times where it’s extremely difficult to earn true originality, but maybe this is not what it’s about. Maybe we are now longing for the genuine, craving the unadulterated, and the ultimate state is to know the difference.

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