ZETR x DEAMS Collaboration

As the professional world becomes more and more specialised, individuals become more focused on honing specific skills and each industry creates new roles to keep up with and embrace advancements in technology, collaboration is increasingly common. Collaboration allows the best of each field involved to contribute at the highest of skill; playing to strengths of one another. Collaboration can also be a challenge, but when a relationship resonates from an initial meeting, it can furthermore be a beautiful thing. The process can become more than just aiming to achieve a single outcome, it becomes about the journey and the methodology to achieve that outcome. Additionally, this approach can push boundaries, develop skills and create a result not known at the inception – which is often reflected upon as the best experience.

This is how ZETR x DEAMS have experienced their collaboration creating a unique showcase of their work for the first time at Denfair. ZETR, the company responsible for the first range of Australian designed flush finished electrical outlets and switches that launched in mid last year, was initially attracted to DEAMS’ work through Instagram and used this platform to approach the artist; “Instagram has been so great as a small business for approaching people to collaborate with, we also get a lot of messages from others through the social network.” Says Garth, founder of ZETR. The first appeals to DEAMS’ works were the strong geometries. “We wanted to utilise this attribute of DEAMS’ work to illustrate how our switches and outlets could be seamlessly integrated into different materials whilst all achieving a flush finish. Taj was so open to the idea, we sent him our product and he selected all the materials from our partners Axolotl, Surface Gallery and New Age Veneers.” Garth notes here that working with a brand and with three-dimensional materials was a new process for the artist. However, they wanted to ensure the outcome was still keeping to the aesthetic of the mural’s DEAMS is most famous for, one flat plane, the difference is each geometry is a different material; natural stone, timber, veneer and metal. This creates a very tactile, unique piece with a variety of surface layers.

The process of integrating art and technology in this collaboration has been described as an exciting and rewarding journey. Both ZETR and DEAMS have reflected upon how much they have enjoyed producing the outcome as well as the process of getting to the final result.  “The work has become a real sculptural piece, the process of using tools to cut each material was a different approach to creating a mural to applied finishes.” Notes Garth. Technology is not only part of the showcase for DENFAIR, it has been integral to the process of creating the work. Laser cutting, CNC routing and water jets have all been used to cut computer generated shapes of DEAMS’ geometry. ZETR’s switches and outlets have then been integrated into a selection of the surfaces. The team has also worked with Est Lighting to integrate LED fittings, which will enhance the work.

While the aim for ZETR in the architecture and design industry is to create minimal, flush finish electrical outlets and switches that sit quietly in the background, the collaboration with DEAMS the showpiece for DENFAIR will be something completely different. The aim of the vivid work is to stand out, set itself apart while showcasing exactly how subtle the ZETR fittings can be in each unique surface. Expressing these dualities is often a challenge, but through this journey, it has been a challenge embraced with both hands. The installation on will be on show in the Artichoke Business Lounge during DENFAIR 2018 Melbourne event and will be hard to miss.

 “Beautiful, clever and in tune with interior design. Just a beautiful, simple solution that will open up so many interior design possibilities. The clean flush fittings will enhance any interior space and the modularity of the design allows installation within various wall types and thicknesses – all achieving a beautiful flush finish. Game changer.” GOOD DESIGN AWARDS | JURY COMMENTS

ZETR Trimless Outlets and Switches received a prestigious Good Design Award® Best in Class in the 2018 Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.

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