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Since Artedomus was founded in 1985, their early ethos focused on sourcing unique products that have a simple and natural intrinsic beauty. Fast forward to today, their philosophy still revolves around being a source of reference and inspiration for leading architects and designers, introducing to Australia some of the most beautiful marbles, limestones and sandstones.

New Volumes™ is the sum total of unique products and the creative craftsmanship of exceptionally talented and innovative local designers and makers. They experiment with converting a single natural material, Elba, into sculptural objects and explore its potential for creating the beautiful products that will inspire and enhance the everyday. Elba, a rich and complex stone 250 million years old is the muse of the inaugural New Volumes™, Collection 01 by Artedomus. Conceived by Artedomus Managing Director Phil Brenton and Melbourne based designer Thomas Coward, whose work makes us comprehend the design process in its highest form, an artistic process exploring the ongoing relationships between products, people and spaces.

Known for its cool grey tones and soft brown markings, Elba’s raw connection and sophistication is manifested in a form of side tables, desk lamps, vases, bowls and candle holders, each recalling minimalism, refined functionality and striking presence. New Volumes’™ pieces are physically in dialogue with both luxury and monumental nature of the material, ensuring they are not over produced in order to maintain their exclusivity.

Choosing a line-up of seven designers to contribute to the collection was no easy task for Thomas Coward, who approached it with the perspective of creating objects with uniqueness and pure expression. The benefits of  collaborations with experimental Australian designers was essential to exploring and pushing creative boundaries, as well as foster growing Australian talent with the intention to continue to open the possibilities of travel, connections and opportunity across the globe. Artedomus’s new team was born including Ross Gardam, Dale Hardiman, Marsha Golemac, Nick Rennie, Sarah King, Tom Skeenhan and Emma Elizabeth, based on their extensive portfolio of work and their unique approach with respect to form, process and materiality.

This year at DENFAIR 2018, New Volumes™ was unveiled in all its glory, also winning the Best Large Stand Award for their bold, yet simple stand design. The stand was an engaging exhibition of self-expression, minimal design language and rich materiality of stone Elba. The intensity of colour blue certainly played a role in making a big statement as the first colour to represent and compliment the collection. In the shape of letter “N”, the stand proved a perfect foundation for the collection pieces highlighting their natural, resilient and timeless form.

What does colour blue have in common with a special material like Elba? For Thomas Coward and Artedomus, it represents imagination, strength and serenity, found in every grain and intricate detail of the finished objects; where each piece celebrates its story very intrinsically. Spomenik by Marsha Golemac, a renowned art director based in Melbourne, takes us back to the historic troubles of the Balkan Peninsula, drawing inspiration from modernist monuments to marry form and function. Thomas Coward reflects his Cornish heritage through Lydn’s polished surface representative of water, sound and movement. Ross Gardam creates a striking desktop monolith and a lighting device of refined functionality with references of the brutalist architecture.

With plans to release further collections with an inherent associated colour for each, New Volumes™ has set a standard for creative process and what designers can hope to achieve with their design – Emotion filled objects that assume a beautiful and sculptural appearance to be appreciated over many years to come, embodying physicality at its purest form. The precision, the clarity and the energy of the collection will continue to grip our attention and offer a refreshing reminder of Australian emergent talent.

New Volumes™, Collection 01 will be on display at DENFAIR Sydney this August, 16 -18th. To Register to attend Click Here. 

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