After – Form

Amongst the undisturbed prehistoric landscape of the Mojave Desert in Death Valley National Park, Maegan Brown captures moments of serenity through the lens of inquisitive wonder. Careful planning and research get her to the site but what happens when she points her camera is entirely intrinsic.

After – Form, which will be exhibiting at DENFAIR in Sydney 2018, is a photographic exploration of texture, scale, nature and self. The great vastness of its celestial context is something to marvel at, and Meagan’s skill of translating this environment into an image with such an emotional implication is truly remarkable. “I like to look at ordinary things that might usually go unnoticed and portray them in a unique or different way,” Maegan explains.

“During my travels shooting the After – Form series, I found it incredible to be surrounded by such an old land that still exists today. It really puts time and life into perspective, and makes problems seem so insignificant” she describes. Sharing this silent message that the sheer magnificence of these natural wonders provokes is what drives Maegan to curate such bodies of work. Her intention is to express these feelings through her images and encourage others to take a moment and appreciate what’s important in life.

“There’s a particular state of mind that you have when you travel” Maegan recounts, “travelling makes you realize what you want to get out of life. I want to get that state of mind across to people.” It was after a trip overseas that Maegan found the clarity that she wanted to be a freelance designer. She quit her full-time job and took the risk to embark on a path towards finding what makes her happy. “We are on this earth for such a small amount of time,” she states. Maegan now successfully operates as a free-lance graphic designer throughout the week and uses her weekends for creative “side projects” of her choice.

Maegan is a strong believer that we make your own opportunities. Her advice to any young designer is to “create the work you want to be doing to show people what you’re capable of.” This approach has been an important factor in Maegan’s career; When she spends her weekends collaborating with other creatives, or photographing in nature, it is with the intention of producing work that she personally identifies with and authentically represents her.

As an artist, photographer and graphic designer, Maegan’s course is constantly evolving, and the three disciplines are able to complement each other throughout this journey. Maegan uses her understanding of composition and graphic design principles, to help guide her photography. She enjoys manipulating the concepts of scale and familiarity to construct images that viewers have to stop and take a moment to look more closely at. Maegan’s ability to provide people with the opportunity to slow down and just observe through her art, runs more deeply than her creative talent; it is an innate passion for life and the world around us that she hopes to share with those who have yet to discover it.

A selection of Meagan Brown’s work will be on display at DENFAIR Sydney this August, 16 -18th. To Register to attend Click Here. 

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