Green Magazine returns as DENFAIR Media Partner

Tamsin O’Neill, founder and editor of Green Magazine, speaks on the publication’s fruitful relationship with DENFAIR, and the common values they share.

Green Magazine, a celebrated voice within the local design landscape, has partnered with DENFAIR since its launch in 2015 – a source of much pride for the show’s founders, Claudio Oyarce and Thibaud Cau-Cecile.

Visitors to that very first show may recall Green Magazine’s immersive Harvest stand, a greenhouse featuring a curated selection of innovative sustainable products and people. Since then, the magazine has continued its support of the exhibition, considering it an important ally in the promotion of good design in Australia.

“We’ve always admired the way that DENFAIR goes about selecting people and products for the show, because they consciously made a decision to profile work made by locals,” says Tamsin. “That was something that we strongly felt was missing from the expo scene, and so we felt this great affiliation with them right from the beginning.”

As DENFAIR has grown, the relationship has too, with Green Magazine becoming the primary print platform for the show’s Front | Centre emerging designer initiative for the past two years. “We love the fact that DENFAIR run Front | Centre,” says Tamsin. “It’s a joy to look at what the young up-and-comers are doing, and it’s a really great place to celebrate that.”

This year, visitors to DENFAIR will be able to catch Tamsin in conversation, as the editor joins an esteemed line up of guest moderators for DENFAIR’s Speaker Series, chairing a discussion on design and the environment. “The way the space is designed is great – it’s quite stripped back and creative,” says Tamsin. “The simplicity of it shows that they’re also conscious of working from a re-use and sustainability point of view.”

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