Futurespace’s Workplace Vision

Angela Ferguson and Gavin Harris reveal their plans for an immersive, thought-provoking installation to form the core of DENFAIR’s new dedicated workspace sector.

What does the office of the future look like? It’s a question workplace experts are striving to answer, and predictions for the evolution of technology and workplace behaviour are infinite.

But for every variable we can anticipate in years to come, what we do know is that there are specific functions of the office that will remain constant.

“Workspaces are complex ecosystems of humanity,” explains Angela. “They are places of connection, collaboration and community. They consider health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and the ability for individuals to bring one’s ‘whole self’ to work.”

To express the complex nature of the workplace, Futurespace’s design is divided into three segments, each communicating a distinct purpose: to focus, socialise and collaborate. The focus zone presents as a confined, insular space where solitary activities can take place without distraction – these have become a necessary foil within overstimulating open-plan work environments. The collaboration area encourages participation, with visitors able to leave their mark on the space using post-it notes and pens available for mapping out ideas. Lastly, the social space provides a breakout zone where coffee and conversation can occur, incorporating living greenery to emphasise the need for organic elements and interaction.

“The installation will consider what work means in 2019 and beyond,” says Angela. “We want to challenge people’s preconceived notions of workplace design as being something utilitarian and purely functional, and to share our vision for creating bespoke, human-centred, inspiring places to work,” says Angela.

To experience Futurespace’s unique workplace installation firsthand, register here to attend DENFAIR 2019.