Super Modules

You might be surprised to know that DENFAIR’s first ever double-storey lounge was put up in only twelve hours. Such is the pace of modular building.

The group behind the project, SPACECUBE, has specialised in creating high-end modular fit outs since 2012. These tick all the boxes: engineered structural integrity and efficient installation with no compromise on spec. Their point of difference? Total customisability. 

“Our Spacecubes are truly ‘modular’, meaning every module can be joined or stacked in any direction, so no particular front, back, left or right sides,” says Jeremy. So not only does each block offer a myriad options for spatial configuration, but every panel can be removed or reconfigured. This flexibility enables ease of integration into external design processes. 

“We see SPACECUBE as a hybrid building solution, that allows designers, engineers or builders to utilise parts of the system to fast track the building process and control the end result for their clients,” Jeremy says.

While modular has become popular with first home builders, as well as those looking for a speedy install, it is worth noting that as with all things, you get what you pay for.

“Most people who are looking to go down the modular or pre-fabricated path often assume or expect it to be cheaper than traditional building methods. While this may have been the case in the past, I feel this was mainly down to the quality and solutions available at the time,” Jeremy says. “These days we are seeing modular and prefabricated buildings and homes of the highest quality, and often more costly than traditional building methods.”

But rather than settling for a compromised design, the brand advocates for clients on a budget to take advantage of the system’s modular nature, and invest in good design incrementally. 

“We are focused on all products being designed, engineered and made locally here in Victoria, Australia,” says Jeremy. “We use local suppliers, and we are proud to support our local community.”

2018 saw SPACECUBE collaborate with Beulah International, Kovstruct and Multiplex at Queensbridge Square in Melbourne, on an angular pavilion designed by Richmond-based firm, One Design Office.

“What appeared to be a near-impossible brief to host some of the world’s most well-known and prestigious architects, came together almost seamlessly onsite in 48 hours,” says Jeremy. The ambitious structure would go on to win recognition on a global scale, taking home the 2019 Architizer A+ Award by Popular Choice, in the Temporary and Pop Ups Category.

And, as the convivial crowds taking in the view from Lounge by SPACECUBE would suggest, the accolades from the architecture and design community continued at DENFAIR 2019.

“We were honoured to be a part of the show,” says Jeremy. “We had a fantastic response and felt it was the perfect style and demographic to showcase our product.”

As the brand makes in-roads into the commercial design and property sector, it would seem that modular building is on the rise. From a furniture design perspective, it will be interesting to observe whether the trend towards reduced construction hours might shape expectations on lead times.