Ross Didier
Angela Ferguson, Futurespace
nau by Cult, DENFAIR 2018
Fermob, DENFAIR 2019
The Wood Room, DENFAIR 2019

We all have a part to play

In the six years since its inception, the DENFAIR team has worked hard to elevate the business of design.

We collaborate with the local architecture and design community at every scale – from the skilled makers producing complex, beautiful designs, to the minds that conceive them, and the curators who bring them into the spaces we love. 

“Building close and personal relationships has been incredibly important in my practise – working with people we like and want to spend time with,” says designer Ross Didier. “Since it first began, DENFAIR has been a magnificent exhibition platform for Didier, and we’ve highly valued the industry support and friendships developed over the years.”

The team is proud of the legacy we have built, as a leading catalyst for growth and meaningful connection in the Asia Pacific region. Our Front Centre program gives the country’s brightest new talents a platform for real career advancement. Every year, our Speaker Series sparks thought and advances the design conversation, featuring leaders in diverse roles. And alongside our partners in the media and peak industry bodies, we stand firmly for authentic, original design. 

“The industry collectively has a growth mindset – we are always striving to do better,” says Angela Ferguson of Futurespace. “Our burgeoning manufacturing industry is impressive, and we have a strong network of design communities across the states and territories. In the midst of constant change, we need to strengthen our local ties – to look within, rather than beyond our shores, and to reflect on and support Australian design talent for both its endurance and creativity.”

Despite recent global events, Australia’s design industry remains resilient, and the DENFAIR 2020 is testament to the strength of our local designers and manufacturers. 

“With events such as the Milan Fair in Italy being postponed for two months, and other global conferences being cancelled including Corenet in Singapore, now would be a good time to focus on Australian design. We have so much to be proud of!” says Angela. “Australian design is fresh, innovative and courageous. It draws inspiration from our vast and diverse natural landscapes, our global focus and international expertise.” 

This year, we welcome a number of amazing new brands to the show, as well as reconnect with the established brands that have formed the core of our exhibitor community. We are proud to have Léo Terrando, director at SJB, bring his creative vision to the design of DENFAIR’s 2020 restaurant. Our colocation with Melbourne Art Fair has become a unique opportunity to integrate the complementary spheres of art and design.

“We believe that now, more than ever, is the time to strengthen the support of our local industry,” says Richard Munao, founder and director of Cult Design. “We have built this industry together, and we all will need to play our part to sustain it. This is why we are continuing our longstanding and rewarding partnership with DENFAIR.”

As part of this community, we share a responsibility to keep it thriving, by providing a vital hub for design. The team is focused on preparations for our annual June celebration, with the industry we are all so passionate about.

“As we have without fail for the past six years, we will continue to provide Australia with the most progressive platform to further develop the local business of design. Once again, we are looking forward to welcoming all visitors and exhibitors in June, and promise that we won’t fall short of delivering another memorable event for the design community,” Thibaud Cau-Cecile and Claudio Oyarce, DENFAIR co-founders and directors. 

DENFAIR looks to other industry leaders to continue this conversation.