Momentary Monuments: Designing Experiences

Curious about DENFAIR’s fabulous foam fortress? Fresh from their IDEA nomination, we speak to collaborative partners Arthur Koutoulas and Joyce Foam Products about this year’s immersive Speaker Space.

Design, Waste and the Circular Economy

How can we shift our thinking towards a more connected, self-sustaining, environmentally responsible approach? Tamsin O’Neill of Green Magazine poses the question to Foolscap Studio, Sussex Taps and IN-TERIA.

Zaha Hadid Design: Shaping the Future

On their first Australian visit for DENFAIR 2019, directors Maha Kutay and Woody Yao speak to Design Anthology editor, Suzy Annetta. The pair share their thoughts on a new era for ZHD: a future-focused studio building on its legacy.

An International Fair

For three days in June, DENFAIR brings a world of design to Melbourne. We browse through the most fascinating international exhibitors list on our 2019 show floor.

Designing The Future of Fitness

What are people looking for in next-gen wellness centres? Speak with architecture and interiors lead for design-forward fitness group, Technogym, to find out.

Shaping Healthy Spaces

What do a yoga instructor, an Italian architect and an interior designer have in common? Find out as Sian Pascale, Cristian Brugnoli and Alicia McKimm discuss spatial design and its impact on the body.

A Talk on Timber

Why is Red Oak so wrongly named? And why should Australian architects be using it? Find out as Adam Markowitz joins Marcus Piper, EvoStyle and AHEC in conversation at DENFAIR 2019.

Material Matters: How Design Feels

From intricate, hand-shaped clay pendants to metal-infused carpets, take a closer look at the inspired materiality of DENFAIR 2019.

Made In Asia: Neighbouring Design Cultures

Take a fresh look at the abundant design opportunities throughout Asia Pacific, in a powerful conversation between regional creatives Reddie Furniture, One Design Office and JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio, hosted by Design Anthology at DENFAIR 2019.

Design Hungry

How is Australia’s food culture shaping hospitality design abroad? Find out as DesignOffice, IF Architecture, Luchetti Krelle and Artichoke Magazine serve food for thought at the DENFAIR 2019 Speaker Series.

Super Modules

We chat to Jeremy Fisher, Founding Director at SPACECUBE, to discover how modular design stacks up in an architectural landscape.

Scape: Australian Urban Design Reimagined

Adam Goodrum and Susan Tait introduce us to Scape, a bold new collection and direction for Tait, launched at DENFAIR 2019.

Things That Launched

What’s new in 2019? Take a look at some of the major products and brands that made waves at DENFAIR 2019.

Working Well at DENFAIR

What did you miss at the show’s first-ever workspace precinct? Read on to find out.

Work! What Is It Good For?

Notable quotes from the first talk of the DENFAIR 2019 Speaker Series, moderated by Angela Ferguson and featuring Heidi Smith, Dr Adrian Medhurst and Maria Bourke.

Best of DENFAIR 2019

Who won big at the fifth DENFAIR Awards this year? Find out in conversation with our judges, Design Anthology editor Suzy Annetta, and architect Rob Mills.

DENFAIR Celebrates 5 Years of Design Excellence

All the best bits of DENFAIR 2019: a celebration of our design community.

Home / Work: Designing Productivity With Personality

Working from home? Meet the brands bridging the gap between our domestic and working lives.

Suzy Annetta on Design in Asia Pacific

Get to know the Melbourne-born Hong Kong-based Editor-in Chief of Design Anthology, before she takes the mic as a guest moderator for DENFAIR’s Speaker Series in June.

Blazing a Trail: Oblica’s New School Fireplaces

As it cools down in Melbourne, we ask Guillaume Roux of Oblica how European design brings a contemporary edge to the age-old appeal of fire.

Grow, Design and Drink at the Living Bar

Part greenhouse, part speakeasy: debuting at DENFAIR 2019 is a curious installation taking local food sourcing to the next level.

Futurespace’s Workplace Vision

Angela Ferguson and Gavin Harris reveal their plans for an immersive, thought-provoking installation to form the core of DENFAIR’s new dedicated workspace sector.

Cadrys Weaves Old With New

For Bob Cadry, a discerning design eye is in the blood. Read on to discover Cadrys’ colourful family heritage, their latest local collaborators, and the pieces set to wow visitors at DENFAIR 2019.

National Recognition for Installation Designs at DENFAIR

Two striking DENFAIR stands by Melbourne-based studio Latitude Group are shortlisted in the Installation Design category at this year’s Australian Interior Design Awards.

Painting with Industry: The Easel Project

We catch up with Marcus Piper and Adam Cornish and find out all about their collaborative Easel Project, a project melding both art and industry, launching at DENFAIR 2019.

New-Gen Design for the Modern Workforce

Whether an app, a tech innovation, or an element of your built environment - what enables you to work smarter? DENFAIR’s Sandra Tan unpacks today’s mobile professional toolkit.

Clipsal Switches it Up

What happens when a historic Aussie brand meets with French innovation? Find out how Xavier Lifran, Director of Schneider Electric’s Pacific Design Lab, is merging design cultures to create a “radical” new identity for Clipsal.

Tait: Made In Australia

We talk local manufacture and no-frills design with Susan Tait, as the popular outdoor furniture house prepares to launch a fresh new collection at DENFAIR 2019.

Green Magazine returns as DENFAIR Media Partner

Tamsin O’Neill, founder and editor of Green Magazine, speaks on the publication’s fruitful relationship with DENFAIR, and the common values they share.

Digging Deeper into Design

With a background in archaeology that has taken him to iconic historical sites in Syria, Brian Tunks has a most fascinating story. Find out more about the founder and creative director of Bison Home as he speaks with DENFAIR editor, Sandra Tan.

Partnership & Integrity

Australians like to pride themselves with a “can-do, give it a go” collaborative attitude. As a nation, we are a collective group of people up for a challenge, striving to be at the forefront of any industry and the furniture...

Design that Speaks Volumes

Since Artedomus was founded in 1985, their early ethos focused on sourcing unique products that have a simple and natural intrinsic beauty. Fast forward to today, their philosophy still revolves around being a source of reference and inspiration for leading architects and designers, introducing to Australia some of the most beautiful marbles, limestones and sandstones.

Jon Goulder Breaks the Mould with His All Australian Innate Collection for Spence & Lyda

For fourth generation Australian furniture designer-maker Jon Goulder, expert craftsmanship and design has always been in his blood. Pushing the envelope with materials and methods, Jon has created and launched the bespoke 'Innate' collection in collaboration with renowned Sydney design retailer, Fiona Lyda of Spence & Lyda.

Magic 8: Addressing Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a concern for any designer working with timber, so when the American Hardwood Society challenged eight of Australia’s most highly regarded designers to reimagine one of their designs using the sustainable timber tulipwood, they rose to the occasion.

Where Strength Meets Beauty

Tasmanian timber is a product of exceptional beauty from a place like nowhere else. Our island grows more than you imagined. Here, a combination of magnificent wood and cutting-edge innovation has produced some of the finest timbers in the world.

Fostering the Future of Design

The concept of ‘anything is possible’ has a useful ability to unite ideas and people. This iconic mantra has been synonymous with Schiavello Group, a multi-disciplinary, global organisation since its inception 50 years ago and continues to serve as inspiration to the company, even in contemporary periods.

Australian Design, Collaboration & Innovation

King Living will launch new designs from their collaboration with designers Charles Wilson and Tom Fereday at DENFAIR in Melbourne this month. As one of Australia’s most renowned and established furniture designers and manufacturers, King Living are an important part of the local design community...

A Double-Edged Homage to Intelligent Design

A quarter-century of experience makes an industry expert. And so with 26 years under their belts, connecting Australians with contemporary furniture from the world’s leading brands and studios, KE-ZU’s acumen is unrivalled...

2017 Speaker Series – Technology

Whether we fear or embrace technology, it’s impossible to deny the fact that it is responsible for some of the greatest innovations in design and a crucial tool in approaching sustainability and safety. It’s also opened up a world of opportunity — in the way that we design, and the way we experience design

The Connective Power of Botanicals

Plants have conveyed many messages from minimalist expositions to much wilder and more expressive configurations found in rugs and tapestry. When one designer’s philosophy is to create respect for the weavers and sustainable business whilst celebrating Australian bush...

Uncommon Beauty

Some designers add a great dose of fearless innovation, committed to a tradition of quality by keeping products fresh and unique within their current landscape. In our recent interview with Melbourne based designer, Oliver Wilcox, we learnt it hasn’t come without its challenges.

Pauses in Urban Landscapes – The Fermob Legacy

Good design allows us to transit through this world smoothly, commonly attributing our intuition rather than paying attention to the small things put in place to make this transition possible.

Wander back to 13th Century Italy – A contemporary approach by SMEG

Inspiration is a mysterious beast. For some, it comes effortlessly and often. For others, it hides timid and reticent, demanding gentle coaxing before it will consider informing a work of art, a song, a poem, a design.

The Narrative of Tradition

With inspiration a plenty it was easy to become mesmerised by the movement of fabric and the intrinsic stories they spoke. Gracefully and simplistic the structural design was hidden in the integrity of the choice of timber and fixing details of traditional Japanese construction

Multifaceted and Playful

Reminiscent of an infinite loop, the linear tubular steel frame forms a pendant corresponding to the table top and the central motif of the circle