Armadillo & Co

New to the 100% wool hand knotted Heirloom Collection is our latest design, Paragon, inspired by the delicate yet jagged lines of crystal, rock and shell formations. Departing from the radiant hues synonymous with the existing Heirloom collection, Paragon pays tribute to the natural world with a neutral colour palette of Shadow, Sepia and Birch, punctuated by highlights of dark Flint and dusty Primrose.

From a distance, abrash dyes lend the rugs with a weathered, tonal patina as if exposed to the elements, but closer inspection and tricks of the light reveal opulent detail and unexpected depth, reminiscent of layers of sediment that have settled over time. Understated yet undeniably elegant, Paragon invites touch and further exploration.



Armadillo & Co

Agra celebrates the perfect imperfections of abrash dyed and spun wool, evoking a beautiful, quiet energy that resonates with people and interiors alike. Worked in a single rich colour, the design superbly balances visual restraint with sumptuous luxury, capturing the depth and variations in shading that occur when placing only one material in the hands of skilled artisans. The plush fibres of the deep cut pile reflect the light, bringing a timeless beauty to contemporary and traditional interiors.


Sterling & Graphite

Armadillo & Co

Babylon takes subtlety to a new level with a nature-inspired palette incorporating silvery toned highlights. Influenced by the iridescent beauty of aged metals, the understated herringbone pattern reverberates with an air of sophistication and an unexpected softness underfoot that is ideal for modern living.


Opal & Ivory

Armadillo & Co

Realised in tonal blues, greens and greys, the petite diamond grid of our Leila draws on the exquisite simplicity of aged Persian rugs, adding an inviting layer of dimension and sophistication that both complements contemporary design trends and adds spark to more traditional interiors.


Ivory & Opal

Armadillo & Co

Beautifully soft and supple, the luxurious Medea appears simple from afar but reveals its artistry in the exceptional quality and meticulous detail, right down to the intricately knotted tassels. Featuring rows of mesmerising chevrons in muted hues, this rug echoes the mountainous landscape of its Algerian namesake.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.