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New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus

Hemera c/o Ross Gardam New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus


Ross Gardam

Just like the brutalist architecture from 60 years ago that it references, the Hemera desk lamp is powerful in its simplicity of form. Two solid circular volumes intersect with no overtly visible light source, creating a striking desktop monolith and a lighting device of refined functionality.

New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus

Hurlysi c/o Thomas Coward New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus


Thomas Coward

A solid piece of Elba is carved to create a cantilevered resting surface for objects. This is stone at its purest: simple, distinctive and statuesque. Cut to heights of 500mm or 720mm, each side table is available individually or as a complementary pair.

New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus

Wyrie c/o Nick Rennie New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus


Nick Rennie

The grandest statement of Collection 01. Three precise slabs of Elba unite to form a dining table without comparison. A slender rectangular table top rests upon two beautifully angular bases. Inherently durable and with a powerful presence, it seats six to eight diners.

New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus

Semper Planter c/o Dale Hardiman New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus

Semper Planter

Dale Hardiman

Comprised of pedestal and planter, these cylindrical forms are designed with minimal design language to allow the solid Elba stone to be the focus. The full structure of the stone’s grain is visible from all angles — you can see it running an entire 360-degree revolution. Resting on top of the pedestal, the planter removes any visual impairment between the stone and its plant inhabitant.

New Volumes™ c/o Artedomus


Tom Skeehan

While built from simple forms, Bacchus is a table that’s intended to spark curiosity. Comprising three legs, minimal oval top and hollowed bowl cavity, each form unites to create a centrepiece encouraging you to style it in a way that fits your function and curiosity. Exaggerated proportions and the weight of each element grounds the table, giving it a permanent place in its environment.

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