David Trubridge Coral Light Black

Coral Light

David Trubridge

Coral Pendant is based on one of the geometric polyhedra that have interested David since he was a boy. The intricate form is made from just one single component repeated 60 times. Originally designed purely as an experiment, it only became a light later when David tried to find a use for it by putting a bulb inside. Coral was David’s first lighting design which now is considered to be a design classic.


David Trubridge Navicula Light

Navicula Light

David Trubridge

Navicula is derived from nature, in this case from one of the many microscopic diatoms that float around in the oceans. The flowing, segmented form is shipped as kitset and assembled on site with push-in nylon clips. The thin curved pieces of CNC-cut bamboo plywood create a flowing structure that also casts magical patterns. It is lit from within with a row of LED pin-point lights.

The design for Navicula was inspired by underwater Diatoms which are at the base of the entire oceanic food chain. They take more carbon out of the atmosphere than anything else – more than all the world’s tropical rainforests. Through photosynthesis they liberate enough oxygen for our every fifth breath. This new light comes in 3 sizes and ships flat, with minimal assembly required to construct. The luminaire is lit by a custom made Led light bar.


David Trubridge Koura Light

Kōura Light

David Trubridge

Kōura pendant light was inspired by woven baskets and also from the curled form of the New Zealand native fresh water shrimp, kōura, which is its Maori name. Kōura comes in 5 sizes ranging from 500mm tall to 2400mm tall. The plywood finish can be all natural, caramel or painted on one side thus creating a stock selection of 11 options.


David Trubridge Kina Light

Kina Light

David Trubridge

Kina references the inner shell of the local salt water sea-urchin called kina in Māori. David saw a kina shell in Antarctica – an exquisite jewel sunk in a tiny hollow in the sea ice. The shell had absorbed enough warmth from the sun to melt the ice around it. Kina comes in 5 sizes ranging from 400mm dia to 1600mm dia.


David Trubridge Cloud Light

Cloud Light

David Trubridge

Inspired by the clouds that David saw sitting over small islands all over the Pacific Ocean, which were used by Polynesian navigators to find islands from afar. Cloud lights compliment our upholstered Island Seats and can be hung directly over the same shape.

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