Founded in 1990, DEDON were the first to weave synthetic fiber onto luxury furniture designs, the first to ensure absolute premium quality, and the first to become a leading worldwide brand – paving the way for the woven outdoor furniture industry. DEDON was driven by a love for the outdoors, a willingness to think outside the box and a relentless pursuit of quality. The idea was to create high-end woven furniture using superior synthetic fiber, one that was weather-resistant and beautiful, to transform the outdoor furniture market. DEDON work closely with some of the world’s leading designers to raise the bar for design and innovation in outdoor furniture.


MBRACE Lounge Chair

DEDON | Sebastian Herkner

The MBRACE collection designed by Sebastian Herkner takes a beautiful unconventional approach to outdoor furniture, combining multi-coloured DEDON fiber with a solid teak base. Innovative design meets traditional technique and the results speak for themselves with an inviting, instantly likeable, eye-catching, award-winning range of dining, lounge and poolside furniture. Inspired by the gesture of embracing someone, MBRACE captures the spirit of barefoot luxury.


SWINGREST Hanging Lounger

DEDON | Daniel Pouzet

SWINGREST is the ultimate hanging daybed. The design is in a class of its own with rotating table tops and sophisticated hanging system, ideal for suspending elegantly around the home or resort, on a terrace or veranda, indoors or outdoors.

SWINGREST is luxuriously comfortable, beautiful yet unpretentious and remarkably practical with its water-resistant cushion technology and weather-safe woven structure. Create an intimate outdoor atmosphere with these timeless swinging or free-standing daybeds, sofas and lounge chairs.


PORCINI Coffee Tables

DEDON | Lorenza Bozzoli

Named after the Italian mushrooms they casually resemble, PORCINI is a collection of sculptural coffee tables that are just as practical as they are charming to look at. Available in three heights, two base styles and two earthy colourways that interact together beautifully when displayed in small clusters.

As creative and irresistibly delightful as the PORCINI coffee tables may be, they are also useful offering sturdy tabletop space at various heights, and the shortest version even features a hidden container to protect towels or personal items from direct sunlight.



DEDON | Stephen Burks

A collection of anthropomorphic lanterns that also cross over into the decorative art and sculpture categories. These playful outdoor lights are hand-woven in a variety of sizes and colours, presented individually or as a statue with totem-like qualities. Paired with the hand-crafted acrylic eyes, THE OTHERS take on the appearance of illuminated characters, staring back at you with a touch of humour and mischief.



DEDON | Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

The TIBBO range is a reflection of an era in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging. The line is blurring and the comfort of a luxurious indoor sofa can now be enjoyed in the open air. TIBBO seating has superior comfort and remarkable lightness, comprised of both dining and lounging elements in an elegant mix of teak, textiles and woven DEDON fiber.

This timeless collection is hand-crafted from premium teak from sustainable plantations, providing un-rivalled weather-resistance and durability even in the harsh Australian climate. Teak has a lot of natural oil giving a very rich and soft feel, the TIBBO collection was designed to accentuate these properties.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.