Confetti Collection

DesignByThem - Confetti Stools and tables by Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

Confetti Stools and Tables

Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

The Confetti collection by Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis (otherwise known as GibsonKarlo) uses recycled plastic pipes to create an eclectic, vibrant range of indoor/outdoor furniture. The range consists of lounges, armchairs, tables, stools, ottomans and benches.

Cabin Lounges

DesignByThem - Cabin Armchairs and tables by Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

Cabin Armchair

Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

The Cabin Lounges by GibsonKarlo makes relaxing fun. Released to celebrate DesignByThem’s ten-year anniversary, the collection of armchairs, lounges, ottomans and booths utilise upholstered “logs” to create playful and personable pieces for the home or office. Cabin lounges are available in a variety of configurations and materials.

The Cabin Booth is available in different heights, lengths and layouts, providing a comforting acoustic barrier in open-plan spaces.
The armchair and lounges are equipped with an adjustable lumbar log that can be moved back and forth to suit the user’s preference or completely removed for a floating backrest. Accompanying the lounges is also the Cabin Ottoman.

Interchangeable armrest dividers also provide further flexibility on longer lounges, ideal for foyer and waiting room environments where divisional seating is preferred.
The Cabin range is available in a variety of materials and over 28 different.

Mochi Collection

DesignByThem - Mochi Lounges by Elliot Bastianon

Mochi Lounges

Elliot Bastianon

The Mochi range comprises of sofas, chairs and booths that juxtapose soft shapes and square edges with billowy forms framed within repeated straight lines, resulting in a neat grid-like aesthetic.

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