Designer Rugs is Australia's leading rug company, specialising in handmade custom rugs and carpets for residential, commercial and hospitality interiors. Designer Rugs is a design company renowned for its commitment to quality, originality and exceptional service. For over thirty years Designer Rugs have complimented the aesthetics of residential homes and commercial spaces throughout the world with rugs of the highest quality and unique designs. Known for their collaborations with leading Australian artists and designers, this innovative and design focused company has earned an outstanding reputation for producing custom made rugs for a wide variety of homes and industry sectors such as workplaces, hospitality and education.



Kelly Freeman | Rina Bernabei

Bernabeifreeman is an exciting design practice strongly established in the field of textile and furniture. Working with dexterity on projects from ceramics to outdoor furniture, bernabeifreeman display a highly sophisticated use of colour in their latest Designer Rugs collection. In this range, Kelly Freeman and Rina Bernabei worked closely with Designer Rugs creative Christine McDonald to define a unique palette and achieve a European feel. The designs are at home in commercial environments, with quite minimal interiors, and yet they also exude a real warmth in residential settings. It’s a bold collection that resonates with contemporary sensibilities and also those who value the impact of colour in a room.

Future Arcadian


Christine McDonald

Our creative designers, Christine McDonald, Lia Pielli and Phillipa Cowdrey, are the talent behind our many designs and collaborations, and form the foundation for the success of Designer Rugs. Their collection FUTURE ARCADIAN is a reflection of their decades of experience creating custom rugs, and desire to create innovate new designs. FUTURE ARCADIAN plays with contrasting approaches to design – organic vs geometric, freeform vs structure, urban vs coastal. This versatile collection combines the latest colour and design trends, interpreted in vibrant and tufted New Zealand wool. WILBUR by Christine McDonald was inspired by the ingenuity and balance of early flight, and is name after one of the Wright brothers – this design explores the geometry, structure and rhythm of movement.

House of Heras

Waratah Wonderland

House of Heras

House Of Heras is a boutique design studio led by award winning designer Silvana Azzi Heras, who specialise in highly decorative designs applied to a variety of textiles including wallpapers and fabric. With 17 years as the Head Designer for Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, Silvana’s work on films such as The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge and more has been widely recognized. Her time on these award-winning projects have contributed greatly to her sense of style and colour sophistication. This debut rug collection from House Of Heras focuses on Australian flora and fauna as seen through the lens of the Arts and Crafts movement, and is also influenced by the work of Lucien Henry and Josef Frank. These intricate and beautiful designs sprung from the desire to create interiors that are high end and opulent, yet give the simple comforting pleasure of being at home surrounded by wonderful things.

Contemporary Handknots


Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs see the value in preserving ancient methods of bespoke design to create high quality, long lasting rugs. Creating rugs by hand using fine materials like Tibetan wool, silk and hemp is a highly valued art form. Each rug is artfully woven by hand, creating captivating imperfections of natural fibres and the variations of the human touch. These luxurious rugs represent our commitment to promote individuality and inspiration in our design and production. HARISSA is truly a testament to the beautiful art of handknot rugs – woven from wool and pure silk in earthy tones, this design shifts as you move around it, capturing the light in an elegant and ever-changing way. We carry HARISSA and an extensive range of other contemporary handknots in our showrooms – from organic to geometric, floral to simple textures, you’re sure to find the design you need for your next project.

Lara Scolari


Lara Scolari

One of Australia’s most exciting emerging contemporary visual artists, Lara Scolari’s is known for her distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style where a variety of media, experimental techniques and processes are used to create depth through exquisite transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas. This debut rug collection from Lara features her signature organic forms and fluid shapes, inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australia – each eye-catching rug conveys the same beautiful translucent colour palette of her paintings that reflects the natural landscape. “Creating this rug collection used a very different design process to my art making practice” says Lara. “When planning a body of work, many hours of thought are put into the artworks, but then the actual execution flows and is delivered almost automatically. With rugs, the execution is a more precise art, with each section of colour carefully drawn and tufted.”

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