EasyGreen Interior has a reputation for customisation, quality and timelessness in every green design and decoration that they create, with a specialisation in innovative green wall designs. Calming, stunning and unique, our EasyGreen designs bring the outdoors indoors, and are also environmentally friendly. Our preserved plants are 100% natural and real they require no special care or maintenance nor do they need water.



Easygreens preserved moss walls can offer something that suits most spaces
Our moss walls offer a taste of Luxury Interior Landscapes that can brighten a space. Our moss is 100% real with zero maintenance so is perfect for those busy area of our life where no time is available to maintain. Completely eco friendly our moss also acts as an air purifier, to add to that the preserved moss and completely fire resistant and can also be used as a sound barrier due to its structure.

Preserved Vertical Garden


Easy Green Vertical Gardens can offer so many different and unique options, with the option of over 50 plant varieties to work with, your options are almost endless. You can choose from moss + foliage to full foliage, you can choose a particular percentage of moss and foliage that you would like. Our team takes great pride in creating a vertical garden that will suit each individual and their taste. A vertical garden can add a sense of wellbeing to your area whether it be a residential project, restaurant or shopping centre we will create a garden for any indoor space that will satisfy your needs.

Moss Stone


Easygreens Moss Stones are a great choice for those that don’t want to cover their whole wall with moss, With the option of a variety of colors of our moss mix and match to design something that is perfect. The easy to hang moss stones are easy to install making it a great choice for the smaller areas you want to add to or if you are working with a rented space.

Ecodes Tiles


Maxim Maidan

The Ecodes Tile is a new way to decorate your walls with preserved plants. You can choose the type of tile, colour of the moss and the design. The Ecodes Tiles are designed and made in Ukraine and we add our moss and create the final product in our studio.

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