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FINK Lighting

FINK Lighting - Robert Foster and Gretel Harrison Udame Wall Light


Robert Foster and Gretel Harrison

Udame is a design collaboration between Robert Foster and Gretel Harrison. This unique wall light is designed for both mood lighting and to create sculptural wall feature with a single unit or multiples keyed together. Udame was designed specifically to create visual impact and decorative interest in hotel and office foyers. Colour programming allows for tailored hues that suite the required environment, while the simple form enables for either single units or the sculptural combination of more than one to create dynamic wall reliefs.

FINK Lighting

Fink Lighting - Robert Foster and Bengt Cannon Orime Pendant Light


Robert Foster and Bengt Cannon

The Orime pendant Light is a design collaboration between Robert Foster and Bengt Cannon. The name Orime is taken from the Japanese word for “fold” and is a gratifying shape reminiscent of nature and oriental architecture. Though the light emanating from the shade is predominantly white the reflected light from the inside skin is rich red which embus the space with a warm and romantic mood. The shape of the shade is designed to produce a long stream of light that is particularly suitable for over dining tables or kitchen counter/benches, illuminating a specific area while shielding your eyes from the globes light source.

FINK Lighting

FINK Lighting Robert Foster Droplet lights


Robert Foster

FINK Droplet lights were designed by Robert Foster and are reminiscent of a droplet of dew running down a blade of grass or the elegant shape of a butterfly chrysalis. Apart from its aesthetics elegance the great advantages with this design is that they don’t get full of collect dead insects over time, the globe is super simple to change and even though they have the beautiful appearance of blown glass they won’t shatter like glass. Perfect as single elements hanging over a table or bench or as groups of three or five hanging together on FINKs’ custom made ceiling plates as major lighting statements in hall ways, stair wheels or reception areas.

Dimensions: 700mm or 500m length with a standard 2 meter cord.

FINK Lighting

FINK Lighting Robert Foster Twist Pendant Lights

Twist Pendant Light

Robert Foster

This elegant hanging light designed by Robert Foster fashioned to recreate the lyrical fluidity of silk caught in the wind. This sleek and sensuous form is reminiscent of shells one might find washed up on the beach; a form with graceful balance seen in nature. This simple shell-like form is nothing new to nature but as a man-made object it is very difficult to produce, FINK has developed a unique method to recreate such a form. The Twist Light captures light as if it is being wrapped in articulate membrane.

FINK Lighting

FINK Lighting Robert Foster Large Kimono


Robert Foster

Kimono maintains Robert Foster’s experimental and fresh approach to design and was inspired by a one off sculptural light that he made in 2002. Kimono works with the playful nature of folding a simple shape in half and utilises the two-coloured surfaces to enhance the flipped character of the final form. There is a figurative nature or Japanese aesthetic to the shade, hence why we called it Kimono. The inside surface has been textured to give it a fire like appearance and emanate passion, it also references the texture found on handmade Japanese fabrics and rice paper.

Light for the globe illuminates directly below the shade and to the sides while the reflected inside enhances the form and juxtaposition between the curved surfaces. This simple design is ideal for restaurants, bars, reception area or even the bedroom.

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