Forbo Flooring Systems is a design orientated global manufacturer of flooring and finishes for commercial and residential interiors. The Forbo portfolio is driven by design trends and demands for quality materials that are durable and most importantly, sustainable. Whether it be an office, healthcare or education space, for over 150 years Forbo have centred product development around the health and wellbeing of individuals who occupy these spaces. The Swiss Forbo Group owns and operates twenty manufacturing plants and branches in 32 countries worldwide ensuring standards, compliance and excellent customer service are delivered. Forbo Flooring production sites are powered by 100% renewable electricity and certified to both ISO14001 and social accountability standard SA8000.

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Marmoleum Marbled

Marmoleum Marbled 3430 Salsa Verde & 3271 Hunter Green

Tamara Gaylord

Marmoleum, Forbo’s brand of linoleum, is made from 97% natural raw materials and contains 43% recycled content. It contains no phthalates, no plasticisers, plastic and no mineral oil. The key raw materials used in the Marmoleum production include linseed oil, wood flour and jute. It is the world’s most awarded floor-covering when it comes to eco-labels like Nordic Swan, Blue Angle, GECA and Green tag. Marmoleum is also asthma and allergy approved for interior spaces. It is the first CO2 neutral produced resilient floor covering in the world! Helping to reduce the embodied carbon in projects and now every m2 also contributes to restoring Australia’s natural landscapes through our partnership with the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.

Furniture Linoleum

Desktop 4154 Burgundy, 4174 Conifer, 4180 Aquavert & 4183 Pistachio

Forbo Furniture Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all high-end furniture designs such as desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. It is renowned for its elegance and durability. The matte surface and it’s warm, soft texture make it a unique furniture surfacing solution. Furniture Linoleum combines a satin matte surface with a warm, fine texture that gives your interior furniture a truly distinctive, individual look & feel.  Made from all-natural ingredients, Furniture Linoleum provides a natural tactile look & feel that really is unlike any other surface material available.


Bulletin Board

Caroline Di Costa

Bulletin Board or pin board linoleum offers a practical, simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas whenever people plan, create and meet. Bulletin Board is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. Its surface is tactile & colourful, creating a decorative element in your space. Bulletin Board is produced from natural and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives Bulletin Board its flexibility and resilience. This combination results in a product with exceptional durability, high end feel & sustainable footprint.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Sphera Evolution

Dorothe Kessels

Sphera is Forbo’s high-quality, homogeneous vinyl collection. Styled by Forbo’s European design team and using the latest production technology in an advanced purpose-built manufacturing plant, Sphera comprises three distinct ranges: Element, Energetic and Evolution. Each range offers differentiated aesthetics to ensure that Sphera adds interest and style to floor designs across a broad range of applications. Sphera is ideal for demanding, hygienic healthcare environments, multi-purpose modern public buildings and for education facilities and offices where durability and colour are key. Sphera lifts the design element of the homogeneous vinyl flooring category.

Allura Flex Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Allura Flex Wood Hungarian Point 9050

Dorothe Kessels

Forbo’s Allura luxury vinyl tiles and plank collection offers you the aesthetics of realistic, natural wood and stone floors whilst giving you the advantages of strong and durable vinyl. Warm underfoot, sound absorbing, tough & durable, with easy installation & maintenance. The Hungarian Point, a parquetry design floor with a difference – The Hungarian point is a classic design for parquetry floors where small individual planks are cut at a 45°degree angle and modelled into a herringbone design. The result is a sophisticated floor design which produces a delicate vertical pattern. Allura’s Hungarian point collections are available in both a contemporary and classic design.

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