Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ian Lyell Design specialises in the design and fabrication of bespoke containerised vessels and objects. We define pots not only for living plants but also for each living moment of living life. Partnering with some of the worlds leading manufacturers in Italy, Europe and Oceania over the years, Ian and his team work closely to develop and produce his designs using both traditional handmade processes and the latest methodologies using synthetic materials combined with natural elements. Our products are purposely designed to resinate and integrate within architectural spaces, interiors, urban and commercial landscapes along with domestic gardens, courtyards and balconies.

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Arbor Collection


Ian Lyell

The natural beauty of wood comes from the layered grains that express the history of its life. Each piece of timber is an individual expression, no different to each one of us. These natural planters have been carefully carved in simple forms from Kiln dried Acacia and are waterproofed internally. Stained in Natural Oak or Whitewashed, they serve as the perfect indoor vessel and an ideal home for your favourite indoor plant for modern or classic interiors.

Cultural Collection


Ian Lyell

The Cultural Collection are a selection of individual pieces from around the world. Inspired by the cultural diversity of the world in which we live and the talented individuals and artisans of the world. Many of these forms and colours may not be considered on trend. However, the influence of these pieces and places cannot be ignored as ultimately they both educate and influence us, which defines the expression of our own designs, whether we are conscious of it or not. These remarkable handmade earthenware vessels are unique and add a subtle but diversified cultural dynamics as a gallery piece or focal point in any architectural, interior or exterior space.

Millinery Collection


Ian Lyell

Melbourne is renowned for fashions on the field at the Melbourne Cup Festival. The Millinery collection is inspired by the endless curves and beauty of materials used by milliners to create their craft for this wonderful fashion event during November each year. This modern design of lightweight composition comes in a range of natural “rockstone” finishes or customised colours to suit any interior or architectural project.

D’vinci Collection


Ian Lyell

The original “Cratère” is Ian Lyell Design’s signature piece. It was originally conceptualised by Ian in the heart of Florence, over 20 years ago after viewing an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci. This classic design now rebranded as the D’Vinci Collection. Hand Crafted in beautiful ceramic, these vessels now come in a range of sizes and a colour pallet that will compliment any interior or exterior environment.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.