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Teamwork Pendant

ISM Objects Teamwork Down pendant

Teamwork Down Pendant

ISM Objects

‘Join the team, but keep the noise down!’

Teamwork pendant combines the latest LED lighting technology with sound absorbing material perfect for working and meeting zones that want to reduce ambient noise.
The simple form of Teamwork includes a fabric insert panel with no visible fixings, available in a choice of colours.
The pendant can direct light down only or an option for up and down, both with dimming control.

Grapho Bubble Pendant

ISM Objects Grapho Bubble Pendant

Grapho Bubble Small, Medium and Large Pendant

ISM Objects

‘There is no angry way to say bubbles.’

Grapho Bubble Pendant is a self-inflating orb hand made from beautiful Japanese rice paper.
Grapho takes its name from the word to write or sketch as custom graphic designs can be added to the pendants in their production.
Each pendant hangs flat and them comes to life when switched on.
Available in 3 diameters – 600mm, 1000mm and an enormous 1500mm.

Designed and made in Australia.

Iro Pendant

ISM Objects Iro Pendant

Iro Pendant

ISM Objects

‘I didn’t roll my eyes. I just needed to quickly stare at the ceiling!’

This elegantly formed pendant light rotates on a single axis to produce a beam of light in any desired direction.
Created by German design duo Zinke|Carpenter the prototype lamp was first shown at the Salon Satellite show at the Milan Fair.
ISM licensed and developed IRO as a simple slip- cast stoneware shade with a glazed finish exclusively for Sparks.

Designed in Germany, made in Australia.

Bud Pendant

ISM Objects Bud 200 Pendant

Bud 200 Pendant

ISM Objects

‘Your new best Bud!’

New design update for 2017

A classic shape pendant lamp available in 4 sizes that is hard wearing and provides superior quality of light.
Bud diffuser is made from moulded opal polymer with a matt textured finish.
Bud 200 is our new release size, teamed with a metallic cord suspension and connections in a choice of gold or silver.
Bud 240, 330 & 500 sizes have a suspension in a choice of black, white, clear cable or anodised aluminium rod that is adjustable on installation.

Designed and made in Australia.

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