Flower Power

Kerrie Brown Flower Power Incandescent


Kerrie Brown

A digital collage of layer upon layer of broken surfaces, rough concrete, fading tropical blooms, peeling paint, fading light, and smudges of paint pigment that merge artistic styles, time periods and cultural symbols.

Bespoke made to order products . Wallpaper mural, upholstery or drapery fabric made to order.

I've had a Change of Heart

Kerrie Brown I've had a Change of Heart Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

Kerrie Brown

In Kerrie Brown unique signature style, I’ve had a Change of Heart uses photographic imagery overlaid with text, drawings, paint pigments, graphics and paper, forming a digital collage that merge artistic styles, time periods and cultural symbols.

Chiaroscuro on Steroids

Kerrie Brown Chiaroscuro on Steroids - In Living Colour

In Living Colour

Kerrie Brown

Black is the new black especially oversized. Overlaid with historical botanical prints, graffiti, fluro colour slashes, text and ink smudges all blending to form a digital collage which merges artistic styles, time periods and cultural symbols.

Urban Planning

Kerrie Brown Urban Planning - Don't Forget the Greens

Don't Forget the Greens

Kerrie Brown

A brand new range incorporating 1950’s architecture drawings with modern imagery and colour. Our Urban planning range allows the eye to find something new every time you look.

Still Life with Flowers

Kerrie Brown Still Life with Flowers Magnolia & Rose

Magnolia & Rose

Kerrie Brown

Large scale arrangements are enlarged and overlaid with cracks and colour to seemingly tell the story of much loved gardens of yesteryear. Fabric available for upholstery, curtains as well as cushions and wallpapers.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.