Kriskadecor does metal art. The company creates highly customized projects made with anodised aluminium links, offering architects and interior designers a wide range of solutions: space dividers, wallcovering, ceilings, façades, lighting elements or any other special structure you can think of. Customization is Kriskadecor’ most strong value. With their small-interlinked pieces, they develop projects based in colours, shapes and volumes following customers’ needs. Thanks to their patented technology, they can reproduce images and patterns in a wide range of brilliant and satin colour finishes. The material is extremely versatile and due to its lightweight the limit to use it is in each customer’s imagination.

Gradient Collection

Gradient 4

Kriskadecor | Luis Eslava

This new collection includes decorative patterns inspired by the transitions that appear between two pure colours, between the lights and the shades or the grey tones that you can find between white and black. It is a synthesis work based on the search for possible combinations of gradients, from the simplest to the most complex. As a result, 8 variants adaptable to any type of space.

Floral Collection

Yulips Valley

Kriskadecor | UON STUDIO

Discover a new application of prints inspired by textile rapports, fabrics that materialize in metal and that can transform a room with freshness and vitality. Floral prints, tropical gardens, dreamlike kaleidoscopes… The six designs of the Sevillian studio, related to nature, will bring personality to any space.

Aura Collection

Aura Two

Kriskadecor | Yonoh Studio

Series of six models of ceiling and floor lamps that beautify and provide a sculptural effect and a pleasant atmosphere to any interior. Pieces that by itself are capable of being the centre of attention.

The new product of Kriskadecor stands out for the birth of the strips of links from the light source, surrounding it and creating tubes of different lengths that intersect, forming a large volume of up to five falls, which generate a subtle halo of surrounding light.

*Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.
*Best of Year award from Interior Design magazine in the “Architectural Lighting” category.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.