At laine, we’re all about great textiles. There’s so much more to our craft than beautiful surfaces – although that’s a big part of it of course. Intelligently designed textiles can foster warmth, optimise performance, accentuate acoustics, create ambience and atmosphere. They can transform a lifeless space into a living, breathing environment. Our textile, leather, acoustic and vinyl products are the best on the market.  Founded in 1976 as a family owned Australian business we continue to maintain and build on the high standards we established over 40 years ago. Today, we design and develop products that are sustainable and engineered to the highest environmental principles. We supply a whole breadth of industries from Commercial to Hospitality to Health Care.



Laine | Laine

Lux is a new high performance velvet which comes standard with our exclusive Stainguard soil and liquid repellent finish.
Even though Lux comes with a beautiful velvet touch it also achieves 100,000 rubs martindale.
Lux is available in 40 modern European colours and is suitable for commercial and hospitality applications.



Wollsdorf | Wollsdorf

We are very excited to be releasing the Wollsdorf collection of leathers from Europe.
This is the largest chrome free collection of leather available in Australia and New Zealand.
The designs cover everything from commercial, residential, hospitality and transportation including aviation.
Come and see why Wollsdorf are the world leaders in leather.


Giotto, Oversize Lux, Snowsound Art, various

Snowsound | Caimi Brevetti

Snowsound has become the benchmark in acoustic solutions and this year we are releasing a large number of new additions to the already extensive collection.
Snowsound acoustic panels can be used in any environment with an extensive range of fittings available to suit many different applications.

Silk & Linen

Silk, Linen

Laine | Laine Design Studio

Silk & Linen are two new and exciting collections of high performance vinyls.
Both designs come with a modern matt finish, are indoor outdoor, anti-bacterial and heavy commercial quality.
These designs are available in 47 modern colourways that will also complement our latest textile collections.


Retro, Chic, Straight, Smooth

Laine | Laine Design Studio

NOW is an exciting new opportunity for design leaders to use innovative quilted designs across hundreds of different colourways.
For the first time designers can choose from 4 quilted designs that can be applied to the majority of our textile and vinyl collections, providing a massive number of potential options.
Not only will this add to the aesthetics but can also improve the acoustic properties of the environment as well.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.