Light/Dark Design

Luke David or Dani Storm

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Light/Dark Design - Shiva light by Luke David and Dani Storm


Light/Dark Design

Luke David and Dani Storm

The creation of Shiva was inspired by life itself. We all experience twists and turns in life, yet there is a central part of us that is permanent and unchanging. This piece is made from beautiful rich reclaimed cedar from a job Luke worked on and was destined for landfill.


Light/Dark Design - Evolution light by Luke David and Dani Storm


Light/Dark Design

Luke David and Dani Storm

Playing with illuminating through prismatic forms, with the unexpected slit on the side to accentuate the unforeseeable in life. A soft expression of how everything experiences its own continuity, connection and breaking away. Can be made from Douglas fur, Baltic pine and various Australian hardwoods.


Light/Dark Design - The Waltz light by Luke David and Dani Storm

The Waltz

Light/Dark Design

Luke David and Dani Storm

Breaking away from linear strip lighting, the Waltz seamlessly blends into its surroundings. The Waltz is made from Blackwood Jarrah with Victorian Ash finishes.


Light/Dark Design - The Superman by Luke David Designs

The Superman

Luke David Designs

Luke David

This piece with it’s soft gentle curves is inspired by the buttress fig tree roots that find their way through the earth. It is sculpted and shaped from Douglas fur.


Light/Dark Design - Stealth Forrest table by Design by Storm


Design by Storm

Dani Storm

To create these tables, Dani drew inspiration from the geometric, imperfect shapes of naturally occurring gemstones. We achieved stability for these curious shapes after extensive experimentation with dimensions, countless physical prototypes and meticulous engineering. The dancing, shifting sheen on the tables’ surfaces reflect its surroundings like still water reflects the sky.

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