Lightspace’s vision is to be the most creative brand in public and workspace furniture. Originality is our language; Design is our life, the constant expression of spatial awareness, identity and functionality is the blood that runs through our brand. Our mission is to bridge the divide between Eastern and Western design, unite world-leading designers from across the globe to bring creatives and ideas together, backed up by high-end manufacturing capabilities to create outstanding original design furniture using high-grade materials and technical innovations. We aim to be an internationally recognized brand for workspace furniture that is focused on our core values of being forever youthful, fun, collaborative and inspiring. Light up your space. Light up the world.


UFO Lounge

Lightspace | Franceso Favaretto

UFO series features a moulded shell upholstered with full foam and cinched to give a comfortable cushion look and feel. The refined timber casing frame that moulds to the shell showcases the quality and elegance of the pieces. This series focuses on comfort to create a soft, warm environment that users can relax in.


Omnia Chair

Lightspace | Francesco Favaretto

Far from a simple chair, the Omnia is compact in design. The soft upholstered finish allows for added comfort, with a fine frame that is strong and supportive. The design also extends itself from the chair to other staples such as the lounge, high back chair, high back office and office chair. The design is fashionable, relaxed and functional, adding a sense of fun to the work desk.



Lightspace | Francesco Favaretto

Pig is a new style of breakout and decorative seating. With its adorable Pig shape, it has many functions. It is decorative and stands out as an accent piece, It is also a multipurpose pouf or stool, with the function of being able to lift the upper pig body up and turn it over into a tea table thanks to the ellipsoidal plexiglass panel where there is also ample storage space for small objects and magazines.


India Chair

Lightspace | Daniel Vila & Ester Pujol

We wanted to design a chair with many possibilities and with a soft look. Rounded and simple shapes that are enhanced by the quality of the materials and the different colors. Then we developed other items like the low chair, the coffee tables… And we found out a new world of possibilities, modern and appealing. India is a family that fits in any environment like a chameleon, changing skin. India is an elegant and timeless product family with character.


Big Data Lounge Chair

Lightspace | Francesco Favaretto

The wide seat-back and its soft pillows communicate immediately what are the two main features about the armchair: welcomeness and privacy. The concave and generous shape creates a private space which invites, also thanks to the clear softness of its cushions, to relax inside it. “Big Data” shows multiple influences of styles, inputs and shapes which communicate among them and the result is an excellent product.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.