Lightspace’s vision is to be the most creative brand in public and work space furniture. Originality is our language; Design is our life, the constant expression of spatial awareness, identity and functionality is the blood that runs through our brand. Our mission is to bridge the divide between Eastern and Western design, unite world leading designers from across the globe to bring creatives and ideas together, backed up by high end manufacturing capabilities to create outstanding original design furniture using high grade materials and technical innovations. We aim to be an internationally recognized brand for work space furniture that is focused on our core values of being forever youthful, fun, collaborative and inspiring.

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Flow 2 Seater Side Table Center

Lightspace | Lightspace

Flow’s design inspiration is from many aspects of life, among which water is an important element of it. In the mind of the designer, water and rhythm’s relationship is an interesting motif. The feeling of rhythm is pursued by the flow and the beauty of movement. Like the ancient Greek saying goes, ”everything Flow flows and everything will change”. Flow is a designed without sharp edges and corners, focusing on light and understated textures. The vertical stripes on the upholstered fabric create a sense of rhythm and flow and balances with the thin metal base frame.


UFO Single Lounge Chair

Lightspace | Favaretto & Partners

UFO series features a moulded shell upholstered with full foam and cinched to give a comfortable cushion look and feel. The refined timber casing frame that moulds to the shell showcases the quality and elegance of the pieces. This series focuses on comfort to create a soft, warm environment that users can relax in.


Coral 3 Seater Lounge

Lightspace | Lightspace

When a coat draped over a sofa frame, an involuntary act actually produces an interesting sparks–the sofa quietly puts on its new suit and waits for people to be seated. The shape of the armrest of the sofa reminds people of the appearance of the lapel of the straight jacket. It is amazing that they can be combined so skillfully, and the collision of their souls breaks the heavy and staid image of the traditional sofa, and skillfully changes a bare frame into a more light and unique style. The integral “lapel” armrest and backrest like a rising collar surround the people who sitting in his arms, giving users a sense of security. When place it in a using space, It is no longer just a furniture products, but a gentleman with the wind of a King.


Volta Ottoman

Lightspace | Francesco Favaretto

Volta is a collection of pouf with an iconic shape which reminds the cross vault, one of the fundamental architectural roofing. The main characteristic of this pouf is its aesthetical shape, from the seat untill the end of the legs it is an unique sinuous volume. This product can have this clean and iconic shape because is entirely upholstered by a fabric close in the lower part thanks to a zip. The collection is composed by three elements of different sizes: a one seat pouf, a two seat bench version and a three seats triangular version.


SOK Table

Lightspace | Francesco Favaretto

SOK, (Social Office Kitchen) is a table system which contains together the necessities of three different spaces in a single project that aims to the everyday conviviality… office, home and coffe bar. The main word is maximum flexibility. Screens, containers, equipped wall and the induction plate are its accessories through which it is possi-ble to configure SOK at will. The innovative screens “open and close” and fan-shaped together with the wooden containers allow an immediate division between the two spaces. It is possible to pass from a working area to a dining area, to a privacy one and, why not, to a convivial one in a few simple movements. Aside from its accessories, the finishing of its plans and its structure are, without doubt, what make SOK further flexible and customisable to every environment.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.