Living Fire is a leading Australian supplier of premium fireplaces with a speciality in designer brands exclusively imported from Europe. With years of industry experience and premium end-to-end service, we are proud to be Melbourne’s trusted source of the world’s most advanced gas, wood and electric fireplaces.

Ilektro by Paul Agnew Designs

PAD 750 Glass Fronted

Paul Agnew Designs | Paul Agnew

The Ilektro range, presented by Paul Agnew Designs, demonstrates the perfect balance between thoughtful design and state-of-the-art technology. Championing expression and individuality whilst also prioritising simplicity and functionality, the Ilektro range offers a host of options to enable you to turn your electric fireplace into the statement piece of your home.
With single-sided, double-sided and triple-sided glass options available for every model, our Ilektro range allows you the flexibility to express your style, your way.

Paul Agnew Designs Gas

ALTO Tunnel

Paul Agnew Designs | Paul Agnew

Direct from Europe, our range of gas fireplaces offers not only a beautiful ambience but a superior level of heat, with some models extending the heat to other parts of the home. Available in a variety of sizes, our gas fireplaces feature one, two or three glass sides as well as the Alto tunnel view model, with a glass front and back.

Living Fire Wood Range

Siena 750 Tunnel

Living Fire | Living Fire

Manufactured in both cast iron and steel, our range of wood fireplaces combines traditional design and modern technology for a beautiful and efficient solution. Choose from standard or guillotine door access, as well as tunnel view design, and a bio ethanol accessory so you can enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames in warmer months.

Paul Agnew Designs x CL Designs


CL Designs | Philippe Cornu

Brought to you by Living Fire, our range of Designer Fireplaces feature architecturally stunning grounded and suspended fireplaces that can float from the ceiling or wall, maximising on space and creating a unique atmosphere in any room. Designed and manufactured in Europe, these striking pieces offer craftmanship and quality to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on supplying exceptional products with functionality at its core.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.