LondonArt brand’s identity is a combination of fashion, graphic elements & architecture; materials, fabrics, aesthetic & decoration match functional capacity for striking, outstanding and balanced results at the same time. Londonart’s wallpaper is a strong or subtle element, printed on-demand — tailored to size, scaled to fit — which creates it's wow factor Londonart is contemporaneity: An international insight with an artisanal soul. Londonart is practicality: New age decoration customizing rooms with an an anchoring effect to transform spaces. Choose from thousands of exquisite patterns printed on either textured vinyl wallpaper for dry spaces, or glass fibre wallpapers for bathroom (wet) area walls. Game changing wallcoverings by LondonArt, Italy.

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Collection 19

19031 Object Story

LondonArt Wallpaper | Giuseppe Restano

A whimsical approach to create a little humour & perspective with a theme that might evoke a library, club, study or grand dining room with this mural design of wallpaper. Printed digitally & produced to the scale of your specific project with the amount of ‘panels’ that work for your project’s space.
Fire rated for projects. Printed on vinyl this is commercially suitable & can be wiped with a damp cloth. Available in two colour variants: brown (shown here) or grey scaled.

Collection 18

Faded Memory

LondonArt Wallpaper | Riccardo Zulato

Blank or dead end walls can be softened by the sense of perspective, or what might lay beyond, with many of LondonArt’s designs. The interior architecture, and opening sense this pattern champions makes just as much sense on a bedroom wall, a hallway or lift lobby.

Every order is scaled to the specific space, so it always fits perfectly & creates maximum impact.

LondonArt Wallcoverings are fire rated.
Printed on vinyl this is commercially suitable & can be wiped with a damp cloth.
Printed on Glass Fibre wallcovering this can be used on bathroom & shower walls.
Available in 3 standard colour variants: black, blue & green
Further colour versions can be created on demand.

Glass Fibre Wallpaper - collection 18

Breath of Ferns

LondonArt Wallpaper | Francesca Besso

A calming, misty pattern that cleverly drapes from the ceiling line to draw your eye up, visually expanding the environment to encompass the entire space, which is so important in smaller rooms such as bathrooms or powder rooms. Printing on Glass Fibre wallcovering makes this useable even in areas subject to direct water contact such as showers, kitchen splash backs, alfresco walls & service areas of restaurants.
All LondonArt patterns can be printed on Glass Fibre as well as Vinyl so patterns can translate to both wet & dry areas.

Every wallcovering mural is scaled to the specific space, so it always fits perfectly & creates maximum impact.

LondonArt Wallcoverings are fire rated.
Available in 2 standard colour variants: white or green backgrounds
Further colour versions can be created on demand.

Exclusive Wallpaper - Collection 19

New Wave

LondonArt Wallpaper | Riccardo Zulato

Wallpaper’s have changed! For those that say they are not wallpaper users, look again. The amazing photo-realism of this pattern changes rules for interior architects creating an appearance of texture, transforming in this instance, not with colour and pattern, but texture & the appearance of relief.

Detailed simplicity in it’s finest form. Another brilliant concept by LondonArt wallpaper.

Looking like a wall of variable & intricate forms of tiling, this mural gives depth and a sense of place to lift the materials and furnishings scattered beyond it. No downtime & substantially more economical to apply than tiles, no dusting once on the wall! Order on Vinyl substrate for interior dry spaces, or on Glass Fibre for wet area walls.

Commercial suitable & fire rated.
3 colour variants as standard, further colours can be customised.
Printed on demand to your specific wall or ceiling dimensions.
Available approximately 1 month from order and artwork sign off.

Wanderlust Collection by Marcel Wanders

MW14 Athena

LondonArt Wallpaper | Marcel Wanders

Rule breaking designer Marcel Wanders from Amsterdam, steps out to the great attention that normally follows his visionary creations, with his first set of wallpaper designs in his Wanderlust collection for LondonArt. His first set of designs for walls sees all his characteristic humour, discordant elements blended together with humour and sometimes exageration to create new wave art works for walls.

Wanderlust is a capsule collection inspired by 13 international cities, along with an additional covering that conveys a collage of design heritage. Marcel Wanders and Londonart share the same passion for exuberant, rich and elegant designs and collaborated closely to present ‘Wanderlust’ – a vision of Marcel Wanders that translates different cities from five continents through his eyes.

Athena MW14 featured here, is also offered as Pompei, the background pressed metal (combined with marble like vein) relief like pattern but without the fantasy figure. The plainer Pompei pattern is offered in Alabaster White, Sage Green or Black.

Wanderlust patterns are digitally printed to scale of your wall area on embossed vinyl.
Use for both residential and commercial projects alike.

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