Materialised’s furnishing textiles and wall covering journey for the contract and designer market now stretches four decades. On that journey, fulfilling a stated objective of ‘making a difference’, the industry has given us a deserved reputation as innovators. From pioneering dye sublimation printing in furnishings; launching the revolutionary, client-controlled, digital design library WeaveUp and introducing the now iconic, Crypton waterproof textiles to Australasia; to developing leading-edge Hush acoustic sheers and Whisper-Art acoustic solutions. Specialising in bringing attractive, functional, safe and affordable furnishings to Hotel, Aged Care, Hospital and many public spaces has enabled Materialised to foster numerous artists. The latest release of fabric and wall covering designs is by Australian indigenous artist, Jimmy Pike.

Jimmy Pike Furnishing Textiles

Furnishing Textiles

Materialised | Jimmy Pike

Performance of furnishings is a BIG topic.

At Materialised we follow the adage that ‘form follows function’ so all of our products are designed to be fit for purpose and then to look beautiful!

Upholstery for instance, need to be resistant to abrasion, flame retardant and capable of withstanding the rigours of high usage. For areas where ‘spillage’ is an issue, waterproof-ness, soil resistance and clean-ability are key performance factors.

Draperies, be they blockout, light reduction or sheer are all certified for their appropriate Flame Retardancy and naturally meet contract requirements for stability and clean-ability.

Our print technology enables our new Jimmy Pike designs to be applied to dozens of base fabrics, ensuring the precise performance outcomes for any and every situation.

Jimmy Pike Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions

Materialised | Jimmy Pike

To tackle reflected sound within commercial spaces, Materialised offer a variety of acoustic solutions for every project, from aged care facilities and art galleries to restaurants and cinema auditoriums.

With our Hush acoustic sheers and light reduction / opaque drapery, Whisper Walls and acoustic art and pin, we offer a solution for every acoustical challenge.

Add to that an incredible new collection by artist Jimmy Pike and you have a beautifully harmonious balance of acoustics and aesthetics.

Jimmy Pike Wall Covering

Wall Covering

Materialised | Jimmy Pike

Jimmy Pike’s designs are now available digitally printed onto a range of beautiful non-woven papers and commercial wall vinyls.

The amazing flexibility of digital printing enables you to select substrates to suit your budget or aesthetic – on demand and with low minimum quantities.

We have curated a range of colourways ready to go but in the event you can’t find what you are looking for, we also expertly manage custom projects.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.