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Metro Gallery Anthony White Arboretum 2012


Anthony White

Anthony White’s paintings are informed by his critical engagement with historical narratives and current social issues and their relationship to the production of contemporary image making. Materiality figures heavily in White’s practice and his works are often characterised by an acute awareness of surface, a preoccupation with physicality and the found object. White revisits recurrent thematic subject matter through his work, considering colonialist legacies and links between imperialist narratives and the propagation of cultural objects.

White has utilised non-traditional techniques such as throwing rags doused in paint to create patterning, blurring and diffusions, principally to build up transparent layers of paint. In doing so, the artist reflects on both conceptual and aesthetic ideas relating to identity and diaspora caused by war and the implications of Modernism. Combining references from historical postwar Japan and Ancient Rome the artist analyses periods of social unrest as a vehicle of breakthrough movements in civil and aesthetic history.

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