Brooke Holm

Modern Times - Sea Lake V by Brooke Holm

Sea Lake V

Brooke Holm

Original Photograph, Small – 660 x 1000mm, Large – 1000 x 1500mm, Limited Edition of 18 in each size

Brooke’s latest series, Sea Lake, is launching exclusively at DENFAIR, Melbourne.

In the series Sea Lake she depicts Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s largest salt lake where evidence of human habitation has been found and documented as the oldest amongst Victoria and Tasmania.

In this historically profound site of early human and nature bonding, a contemporary appreciation is explored from a birds-eye perspective, creating abstract visuals of the shallow crusted lake in a swirl of texture and colour.

Working across the globe, Holm’s art practice focuses on revering the sublime elements of nature and in turn, examining the human impact on that environment.

Brooke Holm was born in California, USA and moved to Australia when she was 9 years old with her mother and sisters. While growing up in Brisbane, she found her love for photography and later moved to Melbourne in pursuit of the creative industries. Working across editorial, commercial and fine art projects, Brooke’s aesthetic and photographic sensibility sparked interest from many corners of the world. This, combined with her instinctual love for nature, travel and the desire to question the way things are, has largely contributed to her fine art practice and its constant evolution. After 20 years living in Australia, Brooke moved to New York City in 2016 where she is now based.

*Sea Lake was originally commissioned by Salta for a project designed by architects Bates Smart, in collaboration with Jane the Agency, to celebrate local artists and designers creating exceptional work in their field.

Saxon Quinn

Modern Times - Balance II by Saxon Quinn

Balance II

Saxon Quinn

Plasters, cement and acrylic on marine ply, 1210 x 910mm

Working with plaster, cement and acrylic paint he creates works that are simultaneously controlled and passionately expressive. His forms inspired by the marks and blemishes of the urban environment draw on beauty within the concrete cities we dwell in. Quinn’s work is minimal yet has an engaging tactile and sculptural quality.

Saxon Quinn grew up around art, often wreaking havoc in his mother’s art studio and playing with the materials as a child. His work reflects an in depth understanding of materiality, juxtaposition of texture and form and the subtleties of his mixed mediums. Influenced by the practice of design this up and coming artist is one to watch!

Ellie Malin

Modern Times - In Flight by Ellie Malin

In Flight

Ellie Malin

Unique state woodblock print, 1200 x 800mm

Ellie Malin works with colour, shape and texture as the language to her world. Creating dynamic compositions that reveal her personal experiences, passions and most inner thoughts through the world’s longest running technology – a printing press.

A master of colours and layers, her work displays a significant amount of patience and deliberation, creating one-off unique state prints in a practice akin to painting. Whilst her process is considered, it is through the happenstance of her printing process we get a glimpse into the playfulness of Malin’s practice, where occasional beads of paint collect, creating new textures they’re assimilated into the layers and made beautiful.

Stacey Rees

Modern Times - Blue Room by Stacey Rees

Blue Room

Stacey Rees

Acrylic on canvas, 1625 x 1065mm

Stacey Rees is fascinated by people, she likes to look beyond their physical characteristics and speculate on their inner self. The portraits of her enigmatic beings with their piercing eyes, misshapen hair and eccentric poses transcend likeness, interrogating ideas of identity and the public versus private self.

Unrestricted by any ideas of representation or the physical, 
her works are driven by process and reveal an emotional or psychological state of the so-called sitter. Mostly depicting female characteristics, the ambiguity, veiled beauty and striking gaze of these individuals is beguiling; one cannot help but fall in love.

Stacey Rees is an emerging artist, operating out of her home studio in Halls Gap, Victoria. Having completed her studies in Design and Screenprinting, Rees enjoys a multi-disciplined art practice with a strong focus on portraiture. Rees works across a number of mediums including, charcoal, acrylics and oils with a wide array of subject matter.

Nicolette Johnson

Modern Times - Jetsam Vessel by Nicolette Johnson

Jetsam Vessel

Nicolette Johnson

Stoneware with matte black glaze, manganese and iron oxide rim detail, and vermiculite crystals. 39.5cm H x 25cm W x 25cm D

Nicolette’s coveted vessels have struck a chord leaving her barely able to keep up with supply yet Nicolette continues to value a slow and steady pace of work. The patience and attention she gives each of her creations is clearly evident.

Nicolette Johnson is a London-born ceramic artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Working in stoneware using wheel throwing techniques, Johnson applies clean, modernist lines and colours to reimagined ancient forms in spectacular fashion. With a background in photographic art and social documentary, Johnson began studying ceramics in 2015 and is currently continuing her practice-led exploration hand-making each piece in her undercroft studio, beneath their Queenslander home.

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