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Nick Leary Art - Patterns 2

Patterns 2

Nick Leary

These interpretations were inspired by the classic furniture patterns discovered on my journey through the King Living factory, as well as from my experience of watching suit tailors around the world creating masterpieces, there is always such precise order within the disorder of the creative space.

Monochrome Patterns

Nick Leary Art - Monochrome Patterns 3

Monochrome Patterns 3

Nick Leary

Utilising the shapes of the classic King furniture patterns with added layers of texture, these bold monochromatic shapes make simple, elegant styling pieces.


Nick Leary Art - Modular landscape 1

Modular Landscape 1

Nick Leary

Modular Landscapes is a play on the concept of the King Modular Sofas. I had glass made up in modular shapes and experimented with ideas of being able to place images into different configurations to suit individual taste and space requirements in the same way that King designed the modular sofas. You can hang them horizontally or vertically which is an underlying theme throughout the range.

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