Oblica explores the concept of designer warmth and believes that beyond thermal efficiency a fireplace or radiator should also be a functional piece of art.

Radiators by Oblica


Tubes | AstoriDePontiAssociati

Sensuality and plasticity are combined in Milano to form a sinuous, sculptural unit that synthesises the desire for formal experimentation. Milano can be installed on walls or free standing on the floor. It is also available in an innovative suspended version for maximal visual impact. Never a radiator has been so sculptural.
Milano is made in Italy, available in over 50 different finishes and in suitable for both hydronic or electric installations.

Radiators by Oblica

Add On

Tubes | Satyendra Pakhalé

With a small cross element at its centre Add-On is a modular heating panel that offers a wide range of composition possibilities. Made from recycled aluminium and available in many finishes, Add-On brings a sculptural presence to you interior or can become a heated privacy screen in your bathroom.

Radiators by Oblica


Tubes | Nicola De Ponti

Agorà, was conceived by pondering the need for a product that combined a strong industrial focus with a beguiling design. The objective set was to achieve a product catering to the needs of the designer, which would – depending on the circumstances – blend in seamlessly with more traditional décors as well as accommodate more architecturally structured settings, where it would be strongly incorporated into the space.
Agorà is made entirely of recycled aluminium, and is designed to suit in any room in the home. It is suited both for new builds as well as refurbishments and available three versions: decoration-free, with single or double decorations.

Radiators by Oblica


Tubes | Elisa Giovannoni

The Scaletta heated towel rail is a nomadic, iconic, pop object capable of accommodating various design requirements. Made in aluminium in a wide range of colours it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable.

A far cry from traditional heated towel rails the ladder is an playful item instinctively conceived as an “object that decorates and heats”. In addition Scaletta offers the utmost freedom and can be moved around the room or into another room. Scaletta is plug&play so you can also take it with you when you move home. Why leave such a beautiful piece behind?

Radiators by Oblica


Tubes | Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, architects

Soho recalls the style of classic radiators, with a play on repetition. The design highlights the essentiality of the elements and softens the lines. Made of aluminium profiles joined together with a patented catch and lock system, Soho is available in vertical and horizontal versions with single or double column, and in variable heights and widths. Soho is also a technological wonder as it performs like traditional radiators whilst running on a low water content (around 80% less than a typical traditional tubular radiator). Available in over 50 colours Soho also comes in a range of exclusive anodised and metallic finishes.

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