Parterre is one of Australia’s leading retail destinations, famed for its classic modern style that combines European influences with Australian ease. Merging cutting edge technology with unique hand selected items, Parterre's curated collection cuts through the noise and truly focusses on sustainability with luxury at its core.


Modular Lounge

Royal Botania

Inspired by nature itself, the Organix lounge by Royal Botania offers unparalleled comfort. Defined by its curvaceous kidney shapes, this collection includes eight frames, eight seat cushions and three back cushions, which can be fixed at any point along the base for custom configurations and infinite possiblilities.


Modular Lounge


It has an angular, but also rounded expression. It’s voluminous, sure. But also surprisingly tight. Not too much of anything, which may sound like a compromise. But it is anything but.
A boxy sofa range, for those who enjoy relaxing more than maintenance. The latter isn’t an issue, since it has an aluminium frame, hidden under generous cushions in QuickDry foam, covered in Sunbrella fabrics.

Ocean Master Max Cantilever

Plantation Max Cantilever


Beauty and durability work together flawlessly in the Plantation MAX Collection. This collection exclusively offers a state-of-the-art hardwood finish, called Aluma-TEAK™ Combined with TUUCI’s Armor-Wall™ Aluminum, Aluma-TEAK™ conveys the gorgeous appearance of hardwood, but with guaranteed resilience to all types of sea-side corrosion. With elegant and expansive coverage, the collection’s old world charm lends an intoxicating ambiance that, thanks to its durable masts, will last for years to come



Smartech Italia

A versatile, clean, mobile cooking experience. Backed with years of experience and entirely “made in Italy”. Onfalos by Smartech Italia represents the evolution of the cook-top the most appreciated cooking method by professionals.
Onfalos’ intelligence and ease of use is characterised by its original reflective circular plate and complimented by an elegant yet simple design which is expressive and exciting… a work of art.
Born out of aerospace technology, the cook top is made from exclusive S355 stainless with a coating of hard chromium. The plate is extremely smooth, with less adhesion of the food. This makes Onfalos easy to clean and there is no memory of previously cooked meals… no more steak that tastes like salmon! Therefore not due to magic but science one experiences the coexistence of two precious elements usually in contrast: very high temperature on the surface of the plate and modest heat for the proximity of bystanders.




Metalwork by Tradition
Throughout history, man’s relationship with metals has organically guided the way that we live. Metalworking is an important practice that has brought us together, fortifying our societies and our livelihoods.
Just as metalsmiths have done for millennia, our craftsmen ensure that each zinc and Corten steel piece we make naturally becomes one with the elements of water and air as they oxidise, equipping them with a protective shield and patinated finish.

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