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Anholt Modular Sofa

Skargaarden | Anholt

Isolated, in the middle of the otherwise open sea between Sweden and Denmark, belonging to the latter, lies Anholt. A spectacular island in many ways, all of them very toned-down. For example, most of the island is desert, the only one in the Nordics. But a flourishing desert, with more than 400 varieties of flowers.
The lounge system with the same name is made to withstand the summers in the Nordic desert, as well as the autumns and winters. And they are something very different. Aluminium frames, and cushions that can be left outdoors. The same kind of barren beauty as the island can be found in its lines.
It’s also somewhere between Danish and Swedish in terms of appearance. Which isn’t the worst place to be at all.


Asker Modular Sofa

Skargaarden | Martin Dos Santos

If you sail into the Oslofjord, you pass Asker, just before you arrive in Oslo. In fact, you should sail the length of the Oslofjord. It is extremely beautiful, in a distinctly Scandinavian way: entirely without being extravagant or extreme. Kind of like the Asker lounge sofa.
It has an angular, but also rounded expression. It’s voluminous, sure. But also surprisingly tight. Not too much of anything, which may sound like a compromise. But it is anything but.
There are higher mountains, greener forests, whiter wooden houses, and more serrated rocks than you see from the sailboat on your way to Asker. But like the sofa, it’s the whole that counts. The sofa and the fjord have another thing in common. They can withstand the Scandinavian weather.
The rain does not worry them, the sun does not bleach them


Lusit Modular Sofa

Royal Botania | Kris Van Puyvelde

Lusit is a range of soft edged, powdercoated aluminium modular lounges. With numerous options, they are available in powdercoated bronze or white aluminium frame. Configurations for this outdoor lounge are almost endless with modules allowing configuration into shapes to suit most outdoor entertainment areas. This ingenious design also allows the armrests and back rest to be connected and disconnected allowing greater flexibility.


U-Nite Table

Royal Botania | Kris Van Puyvelde

The U-nite by Royal Botania is an architectural design with clean lines. The aim, to merge and blend two materials within one seamless design. With multiple finishes and size options, you can customize the U-Nite to your needs.

The [Black] Series

Bios Hide

Unknown Furniture | Raimonds Cirulis

The [Black] Series combines Nordic design, new materials, aesthetics and functionality to create beautiful and unique pieces of furniture -made from LAVA. Also know as Volcanic Basalt. The strength and flexibility of basalt gives endless possibilities in the creative process. No one else in the world works with lava in furniture production which only adds to the uniqueness of these products.
Where else to go than in the Bios Hide if you want some quality time. Bios Hide is big enough for up to 2 adults to lie down and stretch-out inside – with the addition of a cushion inside life just doesn’t get any better. The aesthetic Bios Hide is a true magnet for both children and adults. And luckily the entire family will be able to fit inside.

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