Say hello to Peggie. At first glance, she is a simple and earnest system. Pegs. Panels. Shelves. But there’s more to Peggie than her looks.  Once you get to know her, you’ll find she is engaging and dependable.  She dresses for the occasion and knows that a quick change of her accessories will make the look. You can count on Peggie to securely lock into place. Change of plans? Quickly release with a coin. She is made of the good stuff with honest geometry and a material palette to match. Solid wood. Baked-on lacquer. A touch of brass. Peggie’s perforated grid system and kit of parts create a framework for your ideas. In stock and there when you need her.

Stand: 822
1300 117 467

Peg (Medium, Natural Oak)

Aydin Keyvanloo

Crafted with a tapered end, the pegs wedge securely into the panel and are kept in place by the safety lock. The notch carved into the front end locates accessories like shelves, hangrails, mirrors, and graphic options that bring your walls to life. Also available in brass.

Panels and Plain Panels (Natural Oak)

Aydin Keyvanloo

Using the Wall mounts, modular panels can be easily hung onto any type of wall in various configurations. The nifty design of the holes themselves keeps the pegs on a level plane. Their pattern creates a base template onto which the system is assembled. Or go for a Plain panel with no holes. Available in Natural Oak, White, Black and Ply surface finishes.

Shelf - Standard (Black Sand)

Aydin Keyvanloo

A study in simplicity and strength, the shelf tabs securely over the peg and nests into the notch in the front to ensure it stays put. Updatable graphic holders can be positioned anywhere along the top groove.

Maxe wall system and illuminated shelves

Aydin Keyvanloo

The perfect match. Peggie panels work with MAXe freestanding and wall display systems, shelves, hangrails and accessories for a strong, versatile solution.

Hangrail (Black sand, White sand)

Aydin Keyvanloo

Acting as a support for a number of accessories, the hangrail can hold hooks, prongs and cups. Not to mention clothes hangers! With notches to locate it onto the wood or brass pegs, it stays in place. Choose how far from the wall you want it to hang by using the short, medium or long length pegs. Available in Black sand, White sand or Brass.

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