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Pitch Acoustics - Timber by Zilenzio



Timber can be used as classic wall panelling, decorative half-wall panelling, to imitate walls of offcuts, or in elegant herring-bone patterns as graphic wall pieces.


Pitch Acoustics - Studiobricks - Studio One by Guillermo Jungbauer

Studio One


Guillermo Jungbauer

STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths – Top sound insulation, acoustics and design with simple construction. Available in a range of sizes from 1.2m x 1.2m up to 5m x 9m!

Bob Roofed Dens

Pitch Acoustics - JDD - Bob Roofed Dens by James Mercy and Joe Duffell



James Mercy and Joe Duffell

The Bob collection is an innovative range of fully upholstered dens. Great for both collaborative work and private concentration space within the workplace. The dens are highly customisable with options on power, lighting, upholstery and table tops. Simple to install the Bob dens are plug and play and are fully (and easily) relocatable, so they move when you move.

The addition of castors allows the dens to be fully mobile, giving you even more flexibility within your space.


Pitch Acoustics - Zilenzio - Mezzo by Note Design Studio

Mezzo Floor


Note Design Studio

The wheeled floor screen Mezzo is a versatile mobile project screen; a sound absorber, a magnetic whiteboard on the glass side and a noticeboard on the fabric side, all combined into one product.


Pitch Acoustics - Arc by Zilenzio



Arc is a sound-absorbing ceiling that is used in combination with floor screens Classic or Offizz to create simply a feeling of enclosure.

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