At Polyflor we believe that the products we choose can help us design for a better environment, both inside and out. Our collection of vinyl flooring, which is suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications, makes a big impact on the look of a space, but a small impact on the earth. Since launching in Australia and New Zealand in 1963, we’ve been proud to offer our customers a wide variety of flooring solutions to suit any need - aged care, retail, residential, healthcare, residential, you name it. Our range of products caters to those looking for superior quality but also to those after unique solutions like sustainable slip resistance, acoustic noise reduction, rubber and sports flooring.

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Palettone PUR



Discover a new world of colour. Our natural world is alive with wonderfully concealed textures and materials that create beautiful arrangements of shades and colours. When exploring our surroundings, we can often be absorbed with a focal point or an exceptional view. This can often distract or disguise many of the smaller components that make up what we see. Only when we look closely at these individual elements, is it possible to discover a whole new world of shades and colours.

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