Pony Rider Textiles

Pony Rider - Patched Honour Throws, Canvas duvet cover by Kelly Searl

Patched Honour Throws, Canvas duvet cover

Kelly Searl

We create seasonal cotton & wool textiles. From cushions, throws and feature prints through to our new Gots certified organic stonewashed canvas duvet collection.
Offering interior designers a selection of well-curated pieces that mix and match for tastefully decorated home and commercial living spaces.
We offer a full service including custom offerings, come ask!


Pony Rider - Hinterland cushions by Kelly Searl


Kelly Searl

Cushions are our game. We design cotton & canvas jacquards and prints. Blending stonewashed canvas and knotted yarns is a reflection of where we are headed today.
Images, patterns, and patchwork inspired prints. We talk of connection through artwork and meeting spaces. Our cushions tell a story with each print. Come and have a yarn with us and we can talk you through them. Custom is always an option for commercial gigs.

Weekender Series

Pony Rider - Organic stone washed canvas bedding by Kelly Searl

Organic Stone Washed Canvas Bedding

Kelly Searl

It’s a newborn! Stonewashed Organic Canvas Duvet series. We are so proud to preview our new collection of canvas bedding. Be one of the first to rub your hands over our Gots Certified organic series specifically designed for small commercial hotels and local lodgings. Offering a selection of three basic colors – natural, coal and stone, ensuring a neutral palette for designing ease. This is a seasonal first so be sure to pop by!

Misty Creek

Pony Rider - Misty creek blanket/coverlet by Kelly Searl

Misty Creek Blanket/Coverlet

Kelly Searl

Our stunning range of cotton blanket/ coverlets will be at the show. Featured as the bedspread in The Slow in Canggu. Custom Jacquard design and double-sided. Our blankets are stunning quality.

Camp Out Series

Pony Rider - Camp out blanket by Kelly Searl

Camp Out Blanket

Kelly Searl

Made in Tasmania in Australia’s oldest running mill, our Limited Edition blankets encapsulate part of Australian history, and in doing so; celebrate a tradition that has been used for over 100 years. Sourcing wool from local Merino farmers our wool is refined, sorted, spun, dyed and woven into king and king single blankets; a completely sustainable product with sustainable manufacturing processes. As well as it’s quality and intricate craftsmanship, wool is a completely biodegradable, breathable product; coupled with our unique design The Camp Out Blanket will work in situ across boutique hotels or within a humble home.

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