With a strong focus on custom work, Ross provides a comprehensive and detailed approach to designing and creating furniture, considering the living environment, design aesthetic and practicality of the piece.  A strong appreciation of Mid Century Modern, Bauhaus, Japanese and minimalist design oeuvres has given Ross a well of inspiration to draw upon; but it is in his resolve to create pieces that offer a new dimension that sets his work apart.  Understanding that workmanship is a study of risk, technique & patience and a deep connection between tool and hand, Ross presents a calibre of skill beyond his years; a maturity that leads to work that speaks of great character, humanity and elegance.

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Ross Thompson

A chest of drawers made for a statement. Versatile, unique, elegant.

Constructed from solid timbers, this is a piece that transcends lifetimes in both function and design. A distinctive form provides space and clarity; a sense of balance and proportion is offered to any interior.

Individually hand built to order ensures that no two are perfectly alike, each containing their own quality and character imparted by Ross’ technique and patience as a craftsmen and a designer.

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Lounge Chair

Ross Thompson

If you listen closely, you’ll hear in the distance “my parents used to have one of those, I think it was a called a Fleur. They gave it to the op-shop way back in the 80’s”.

A nod to the Mid Century styling, this lounge chair comes in both a two seater sofa and single seat arm chair.

Handcrafted from Australian Blackwood personally sourced from the Otway region.

Visual evidence of a deft hand at work ensures that this too will enter the realms of nostalgia in your child’s mind.

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Ross Thompson

This is the only only side-table you need.

A striking statement to any interior, the narrow dimension allows this piece to seamlessly adapt to the slender and confined space without adding clutter and visual weight.

Handcrafted to order, allowing dimensions to be changed upon request, this piece is made from solid timber with a hand cut dovetailed drawer, traditionally fitted.

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Ross Thompson

A Gentlemans wardrobe is seldom seen – and rarely with elegance such as this.

Inspired by a journey to Austria and discovery of the Viennese Succession and the Wiener Werkstätte, this is a versatile piece for any interior.

As this piece is custom made, the overall design can morph to different uses – drinks/wine cabinet is such a suggestion.

A hand dovetailed cabinet reflects the meticulous detail in construction, while the use of black details underlines the depth understanding of proportion and balance within design.

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Tambour Door media unit.

Ross Thompson

Display your collection in a piece of art.

Practicality is at the core of the unit, tambour doors slide open to reveal the goods inside, whether that be your vinyl or the gear to go with it. Close it off and you’re keeping it in safe hands.

The ability for this piece to be custom made to fit your equipment and requirements makes this a perfect choice. Super stylish and functional it is sure to turn heads, maybe just as much as your rare first pressing of ‘Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass Band’.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.