Born from the desire to create practical luxury, Sagitine is a bespoke collection of furniture pieces for the design conscious home.  Founder and designer, Tina Clark, set out to create Sagitine as an answer to the lack of wardrobe solutions fit to house and preserve her collection of high fashion treasures. The inherent multipurpose design and elegant aesthetics have allowed the Sagitine pieces a place in any room of the home, from the bedroom to the living space. Subtly curved profiles with a strong art deco influence, monogrammed leather pulls and minimalist frames enhance both the contemporary home and classical abode, effortlessly bridging the divide.


New York 20 Box Stand

Sagitine | Tina Clark

Each product in the range evokes characteristics akin to its namesake; the New York stand references the sleepless city’s skyline, along with its stylish practicality.

A fresh white powder-coated aluminium frame supports 20 curved, art deco-inspired boxes, while the top is finished with the warmth of solid walnut timber. Each box is crafted from dense recycled board, hand-wrapped in Sagitine paper, finished with a leather pull & embossed with a monogrammed logo.


Milan Storage Box

Sagitine | Tina Clark

An inaugural collection for the home and office by Artedomus, New Volumes explores and pushes the boundaries of a single natural material. For each collection, we select a distinct assembly of designers to bring the material to life.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.