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Symbol Lighting Collection

Satelight Symbol Pendant Light

Symbol Pendant Light


The Symbol collection celebrates the beauty of brass. Part of Satelight’s jewellery inspired pieces, the Symbol design pays homage to earrings. The Symbol pendant is designed to hang sideways, the hand brushed brass dish reflects the light from the light bulb, creating a glorious halo effect. To contrast the front side of the dish, the reverse has been finished in a hand burnished black.

Sound Seed Lighting Collection

Satelight Decibel Pendant Light

Decibel Pendant Light


Constructed from sound absorbing material and plantation timber, the Decibel light can ease the affects of noise pollution in condensed spaces. The Decibel is part of the Satelight’s Sound Seed range, designed to dampen noise and provide illumination.

Hadron Lighting Collection

Satelight Hadron v Pendant Light

Hadron-v Pendant Light

Aëon Illumination

The Hadron-v pendant light gives off soft illumination in a minimalist ring form. Available with a clear acrylic shelf, by itself or now with the new greenery option. Bring the outside in with the revamped wrapped ivy version.

Vessel Lighting Collection

Satelight Vessel Pill Pendant Light

Vessel Pill Pendant Lights


Vessel pendant lighting collection is a fresh take on the traditional metal spinning processes, seen throughout our luminaire collection. Celebrating the beauty of natural copper, each pendant light is individual and will change over time. Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, the Vessel pendants are ideal for a broad range of interior spaces, offering a fresh, quirky focal point and light source.

Nest Lighting Collection

Satelight Nest Pendant Light

Nest Pendant Light


The Nest lighting collection takes inspiration from nature through bird nests. Organic, but structured, the decorative lampshade wraps around the light globe. This feature light is available in standard textured black, however can be finished in a wide range of colours on request. Custom Nest pendant light versions can also be achieved through working with our design team.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.