Since launching in 2010, SeehoSu has established a firm reputation for authentic, high quality designer furniture, lighting and objects that are exquisite in their craftsmanship yet, at their very core, remain simple, practical and most importantly, comfortable. SeehoSu’s boutique portfolio includes brands from Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and Australia.

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Roundish Arm Chair

Maruni | Naoto Fukasawa

his arm chair features softly curved back and seat faces that fit the body snugly, as well as smooth arms that serve to gently support the elbows.The shape of the chair, which seems as if formed from a single thin board being completely warped and wrapped into a seat shape, provides both seating comfort and beautiful form created by using advanced forming techniques and numerous efforts.


Fugu Lounge Chair

Maruni | Jasper Morrison

This chair was created from the desire to design a wood chair that provides ultimate seating comfort without the use of cushions or fabric.The Fugu Chair features a back and seat formed with ample roundness and impressive arm shape that make for adorable chair. The easy seating comfort has been achieved by cutting it out of solid wood, a specialty of Maruni. This simple yet stylish chair provides any space with a soft relaxing ambiance.


aluminium softwall

molo design | Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

A wall that begins from nothing and turns into a soft undulating divider is a design marvel. molo softwall is a freestanding partition which comes in different sizes and materials and three distinct colours. The softwall allows light to determine the set up and mood of any room.


Host workstation

Seeho Su | Todd Hammond of Hammond Studio

Not all workstations are designed and built the same. HOST is a robust and flexible workstation system that employs the latest in design and technology. Whether you choose the basic fixed-height or the electric sit/stand model or a combination of both, HOST has proven that it can withstand heavy duty use from the most discerning user.

Custom sizes and finishes from 1400mm x 750mm x H720 in fixed height or electric sit/stand incorporating Linak Bluetooth technology with height adjusting from H550 – 1250.


The Nook Lounge

Devorm | Johan van Hengel

The shell of the Nook Lounge Chair is made from a felt material manufactured from PET bottles.

It is a soft, though strong material that is durable and has a great acoustic performance. PET Felt is both recycled as well as recyclable itself. The design of the Nook lounge chair allows a number of production steps to be reduced to one smart 3D pressing technique.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.