Classic Collection

Tivoli Audio - Model One by Henry Kloss

Model One

Henry Kloss

With a tuner that brings clarity to many of the weakest stations, the Model One radio features a handmade wood cabinet that is both beautiful and the ideal acoustically inert housing.

Features: FM, AM, Auxiliary input, also available with Bluetooth.

Tivoli Go

Tivoli Audio - Tivoli Go Andiamo by Paul DePasquale


Paul DePasquale

Audio Performance on the Go

Driving high-quality sound in an ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker.
Encompassed in a sleek and durable design.
Defining the essence of the Tivoli Go collection.

Take your sound around in your style.

Features: Bluetooth and up to 20 hrs playback.

ART Collection

Tivoli Audio - Model CD by Paul DePasquale

Model CD

Paul DePasquale

CD Streaming
Offering 44.1Khz/16bit audio playback both wired or wirelessly, the Model CD can accompany any ART Collection speaker, allowing you to create a compact wireless audio system offering room-filling sound. The Model CD can be controlled via the Tivoli Wireless app or with the touch controls on the LCD backlit top.

Features: Wi-Fi high-quality streaming

Tivoli Audio - Model One Digital by Paul DePasquale

Model One Digital

Paul DePasquale

Balancing style technology and audio quality the Model One Digital is a radio for the modern era. It delivers a new spin on the original Model One by offering FM, AM, DAB+, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It merges the simplistic elements and user-friendly features Tivoli Audio’s classic line is known for, but with a tech refresh.

Features: AM, FM, DAB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Tivoli Audio - Music System Home by Paul DePasquale

Music System Home

Paul DePasquale

The finest of all-in-one performance
The Music System Home combines vintage design with high-performance audio and an extensive list of features to please all music lovers. Modeled to match the rest of the ART line components the Music System Home comes in real wood cabinets and the speakers are finished with Gabriel fabric.

Features: AM, FM, DAB, CD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Alexa Voice Assistance (optional)

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