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Wintons Teak - Knox table by Anton Siswoyo

Knox Outdoor Table

Anton Siswoyo

The Knox table is designed to be an elegant centrepiece that easily suits most outdoor spaces. The tilted crossed legs provide an avant-garde form that neither impose or dominate the outdoor space. As opposed to the traditional crossed-leg table, the Knox’s table legs are inserted from the table end to accommodates chairs.

The table legs has been designed to angle in opposing directions, which are then tilted to make the Knox one of the most intricate and complex piece in the Wintons Teak collection.


Wintons Teak - Aston deep seater by Anton Siswoyo

Aston Deep Seater

Anton Siswoyo

Unlike other pieces, the Aston living set is crafted from two intertwining tubular aluminum frame that provides a twisting look to its overall outline. This frame is then wrapped and woven inside out with faux banana bark wicker. The double weaving completely masks any of its aluminium structure and allows it to create a smooth curved form.

The Aston is detailed with a rustic finished teak belt and skirting. Coupled with its pale cream wicker, it provides a weathered and casual feel to the piece, making it a great addition to grace any coastal house or a light sunroom.


Wintons Teak - Azure lounger by Anton Siswoyo

Azure Lounger

Anton Siswoyo

Simplicity and comfort is the core feature of the Azure lounger.

Simplicity relates to the clean and clear geometric outline of the wooden lounger. Wheels are placed discreetly inside the wooden leg, while the elements that clutters, such as trays and armrest are eliminated.

Comfort because it comes with 8cm thick all-weather cushion, which can be placed out under the open sky. The backrest is adjustable to differing lounging positions, while the footrest can be folded up for extra comfort and prevents the cushion from sliding down. Lastly the stuffing for the cushion allows for minimal touch point and follows the body contour of its user.

It can be easily wheeled around easily to follow the sun or to be placed flat as a bench for people to sit on when entertaining. As a result the Azure lounger delivers exceptional functionality.


Wintons Teak - Ava rocker by Anton Siswoyo

Ava Outdoor Rocker PT1

Anton Siswoyo

The Ava deep seater and rocker is the perfect occasional piece to complement any living sets or on its own for your secluded outdoor sanctuary.

Each component that makes up the chairs is molded and re-worked to achieve an overall outline that knows no sharp edges, resembling a flow or motions that best fit the human posture. Coupled with the open rope weaving that ensures maximum comfort, the seat and backrest allows for a light and airy feel. The ava deep seater and rocker are exclusive collector pieces that is sure to impress and delight.


Wintons Teak - Flynn low seater by Anton Siswoyo

Fynn Low Seater PT3

Anton Siswoyo

The Fynn low-seater is a modern piece that is designed to be light and airy. Crafted from powder coated aluminium frame, it is designed to withstand any weather. The seat and backrest are woven from durable synthetic wicker that offers both longevity and comfort. Available in three different colours, the Fynn low-seater is designed to complete your outdoor living set. What’s more, it can be stacked and stored when not in use.

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