One of Australia’s most respected manufacturers; Workspace Commercial Furniture commenced in 1911 and has continued to revolutionise for over 108 years to meet the changing needs of their clients and the market. Workspace is a leader in design and manufacture of commercial, educational, hospitality, health and aged care furniture specialising in project based solutions. Workspace has showrooms located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Brisbane and a 12,500 square metre ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited manufacturing facility in South Australia. With over 150 employees, Workspace has the experience and capability to undertake projects of any size nationally and internationally.


Bika Chair

Workspace Commercial Furniture | Ramos Bassols

The Bika chair is a minimal slim line stackable seating option that is a game changer for the multi-purpose chair market. It’s seemingly simple structure and soft aesthetic disguises a great innovation in design. Designed by the Ramos & Bassols studio, its versatility is born from the combination of only two pieces that when combined build an extremely resistant chair but with a clean and light aesthetic.
Bika boasts a sleek monocoque frame that is strong, flexible and stylish. The slim design, smooth finish and defined lines give it a modern yet inconspicuous aesthetic.
The polypropylene shell is perhaps the iconic element of the Bika. Available in eight different on trend colours, making it extremely customisable for the end user allowing them to exercise their creative needs. Bika provides a fresh and friendly aesthetic design along with an overall extremely light frame allowing it to adapt to a large number of spaces and needs.
The polypropylene shell does not require complex maintenance, making it an optimal option for high rotation locations. In addition, its high stack ability allows maintaining order at the end of its use. The versatile Bika chair is sure to be a favourite across a wide range of sectors.



Workspace Commercial Furniture | Yonoh Creative Studio

Bow Lounge is the perfect seating option for flexible spaces of collaboration, meeting or recreation; inviting its user to feel the comfort and support. The soft, warm aesthetics allows the Bow to be designed for the increasingly important ‘quiet’ areas within the office providing the user with flexible, comfortable spaces with a feeling of home. Bow is designed to create spaces for creativity and relaxation. The Bow range comes in two types of bases – the 4 legged and pyramidal base – which can also be lacquered in a range of colours bringing dynamism and creativity to the collection. The Bow Lounge comes in a single or double seater option allowing for individual or collaboration spaces to be built.
The Bow 4 legged forms a robust assembly in which can be requested with two backrest heights. A timeless design that is combined with a wide range of upholstery options. The Bow Lounge can be fully customisable with natural, neutral and other finishes that are more vivid and unique. Bow Lounge brings design to work space, contract spaces and even the home.
Bow pyramidal base option projects a modern and inspiring design that projects comfort and elegance. Its steel pyramidal shaped pedestal comes in natural beech wood which gives it great robustness. The Bow Lounge integrates naturally in relaxing environments, where informal relationships are enhanced; increasing the sense of a homely atmosphere in the work place.


Dot.Pro Web Mesh Backrest

Workspace Commercial Furniture | Jorge Herrera

The Dot.Pro Chair is the result of years of studying trends, ergonomic requirements and user needs combined with cutting edge manufacturing, the highest quality materials and components, and world leading design. The Dot.Pro task chair has been designed to reflect the current innovations and gaps in the office chair market. Standing out aesthetically, the Dot.Pro reflects the very best in office trends and office chair manufacturing.
Dot.Pro offers an innovative system that combines the use of highly resistant and flexible materials that join to the seat by means of a single anchor point, allowing a flexible torsion in the upper part of the back while maintaining a firm grip on the waist. The backrest frame takes it cues from the lumbar spine, the human body’s flexibility centre, with its uniquely designed fulcrum that allows the backrest to move through rotation, flexion and extension in unison with the user. This ability to provide dynamic movement delivers superior support and next level comfort.
The clean crisp contoured lines, subtle mesh backrest, slim frame coupled with highly functional and resistant materials beautifully combine to create a task chair that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.
Dot.Pro features a Synchro Motion mechanism, 3D arms, Web mesh back and lumbar support making it the perfect task chair for continuous work whilst assuring healthy freedom of movement.
Dot.Pro boasts a design with character in which provides warmth and comfort within office working spaces whilst also fitting naturally within open plan type work scenarios.

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