Referencing Zaha Hadid’s process, with each new project, Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD) continues to examine its significance within the dialogue of contemporary design. ZHD interprets both the present and the future, by continuing to share Hadid’s story. The ZHD portfolio is cross-disciplinary and includes design in fashion, jewellery, furniture and finishes, interiors, exhibitions, installations, and set-design. To respond to the demand for her work on a commercial level, the own label ‘ZHD Collection’ was developed and features design objects for the home.

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Cellular Rug

Zaha Hadid Design | Royal Thai Carpets

The hand-tufted CELLULAR carpet is part of a collection designed by ZAHA HADID DESIGN for Royal Thai. The full collection consists of 22 designs, inspired by four themes that feature prominently in Zaha Hadid’s work: striated lines, ribbon like projections, pixelated landscapes and organic cellular shapes. Patterns within each grouping capture Hadid’s signature use of interweaving, layering and play with light and shadow. These designs introduce new and custom colours for Royal Thai commercial carpets, with hues of turquoise, red and green. Translated into both Axminster and hand-tufted designs, each carpet represents reconfiguration, metaphorical renewal and transformation.

Liquid Glacial


Zaha Hadid Design | David Gill Gallery

The LIQUID GLACIAL STOOL designed by ZAHA HADID DESIGN for the David Gill Gallery is milled and hand polished to create a pristine finish, it is made from clear and colourful acrylic to convey depth and complexity through an ever-changing kaleidoscope of refractions evolving from Hadid’s architectural narrative exploring movement through space.


Cell Centerpiece

Zaha Hadid Design | Zaha Hadid Design

The CELL CENTERPIECE in stainless steel gently transitions from solid to void and features a design of complex perforations created with the use of the latest in robotically controlled laser technology.


Cell Platter - Marble

Zaha Hadid Design | Zaha Hadid Design

The Cell Platter in marble allows for the creation of playful tablescapes, and features a channel carved into the volume for objects to nest seamlessly on its surface.


Swirl Bowl

Zaha Hadid Design | Zaha Hadid Design

The SWIRL BOWL in crystal glass, captures the sweeping gesture of a vortex. This shallow table sculpture contains topographical shifts rippling across the surface which create spaces for objects to rest.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.