All past and new professional visitors need to fill out the registration form in order for us to capture your latest information. In the unlikely event that your registration doesn’t fit with our professional registration requirements, you will be notified and invited to visit the show on our public day and will be directed to our public ticketing system.

By completing the registration either prior or onsite you agree to the collection of your information for the purposes of the lead generation system and for use by DENFAIR in their database. This includes having an email sent to you that captures stands you tapped your badge on at the show and the sharing of your basic information (including emails) with those stands. By using this system and voluntarily tapping your badge to receive information on brand or product you can reasonably expect to receive follow up information from these brands.

DENFAIR or their exhibitors are legally NOT permitted to share or on sell any data that is collected at the show.


PLEASE BE AWARE: CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THIS EVENT.* DENFAIR is an industry-focused event and we ask that you respect our 18+ policy. Children under 18 will not be permitted on any day (including professional and public days).

*Small infants must be brought and stay in baby strollers or carriers at all times, which are permitted throughout the venue.

DENFAIR management reserves the right to refuse entry to the show. Food, drink & toilet facilities are available throughout the venue. All registrations received are treated as a submission and will be reviewed by DENFAIR management