Speaker Series DENFAIR 2017

Speaker Series

After successfully introducing the DENFAIR Speaker Series in 2017, DENFAIR has continued to support ongoing debate and engagement within the design community.

DENFAIR Speaker Series hosts a dynamic cohort of design practitioners and commentators in a series of panel discussions. Musing on topical design issues focused on challenges, conflicts, projects and ideologies,

our prolific speakers engage each other and the audience in educational and provocative conversations. Panel discussions will illustrate not only the way we engage with contemporary design but also reflect on the role design will play in the developing local and global environment.

The DENFAIR Speaker Series sessions are free and non-ticketed, and both industry and enthusiasts are encouraged to attend.

2017 Speaker Series

Dialogue and debate is always an important part of the culture of any contemporary design fair and in 2017 DENFAIR introduced our ‘Speaker Space’ – an informal story-swapping, debate destination for design professionals to listen and engage in topics on and about design.

The 2017 Speaker Series boasted a line up of celebrated Australian and international designers and catalogued topical subjects such as: National Identity: who the bloody hell are we? An interesting take on what is a national identity is and whether it is relevant in our global age and Mindfulness: Putting the brakes on design,

a fascinating dialog on whether slow design is practical and whether designers can move quickly and still produce quality work. Other relevant topics included: Technology: the Terminator?, Masterclass: The Thinking Hand and Design for the Senses.

Listen and discover the debate surrounding these relevant questions and more; all of our 2017 Speaker Series sessions are available on podcast and can be accessed through our website.


Lisa Cahill
/ Aust. Design Centre

Ruder Novak-Mikulic

Kensaku Oshiro
/ Kristalia 

Charles Wilson


Paul Charlwood
/ Charlwood

Tom Fereday

Chris Haddad
/ Archier

Sarah K
/ Supercyclers

Debbie Symons


Chris Connell

Value vs. Trends

Tomek Archer

Anthony Bologna

Emma Elizabeth
/ Local Design

Bree Leech
/ Bree Leech Studio


Zvi Belling
/ ITN Architects

Jan Kath

Fiona Lynch

Rob Mills
/ Rob Mills
Architecture & Interiors


Virginia Fay
/ Patternsnap

Ruder Novak-Mikulic

Roger Sexton
/ Xicato


Daniel Barbera

Angela Ferguson
/ Futurespace

Alex Ritchie
/ e2


Øivind Slaatto
/ Bang & Olufsen

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2017 Speaker Series - Identity Crisis

It’s no wonder we have an identity crisis here in Australia, with our confused and often destructive relationships with our indigenous people, the ‘tyranny of long distance’ and colonial status amidst a sea of Asian nations.

2017 Speaker Series - Earth

The facts are clear and the status is both alarming and depressing — the state of our natural world is the biggest global issue we face. There are so many factors contributing to the degradation of our environment that it’s overwhelming.How can we begin to tackle the problem when it is so huge and complex?

2017 Speaker Series - Technology

Whether we fear or embrace technology, it’s impossible to deny the fact that it is responsible for some of the greatest innovations in design and a crucial tool in approaching sustainability and safety. It’s also opened up a world of opportunity — in the way that we design, and the way we experience design